NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely violent receptionist Delita's running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest Oct 16 immediate than Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Saturday oct. 20, 2012 4PM IAB let him and his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE I am alleging fix, favors and retaliation -- please look at the first page -- it mentions HP tied to 911 Tech corruption as well as mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly free rides Air Bloomberg....http://www.scribd.com/doc/188752042/NYPD-Commissioner-Ray-Kelly-Charles-Campisi-DI-Ed-Winski-Lt-Agnes-Lt-Angelo-Burgos-IAB-Sgt-Mary-O-Donnell-Sgt-Chen-Det-Andy-Dwyer-Det-John-Ve

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lady Gaga Parodying Hillary Clinton, where oh where did the photo on The NY Post go? by Suzannah B. Troy


Why did The New York Post removed the hilarious photo of Lady Gaga as Hillary Clinton?

The photo below of Gaga is by Kido/NPG.com

Who knows?  The New  York Post must have buried it along with their reporter David Seifman's request to the City to have Mike Bloomberg turn over 62 emails he sent to Haggerty.   The NY Post buried the story and it should be the Manhattan DA asking for the emails.


To find photos of Lady Gaga parodying Clinton go to Google News but I can't find the photo comparison I like.

Good luck and let me know if you find the emails king Mike Bloomberg sent to Haggerty as well....Haggerty is Mike Bloomberg's Watergate!

For fans of All the President's Men watch my YouTube short on Haggery-gate.

Praise for Giuseppi Logan's composition on my YouTube by Suzannah B. Troy

bootysurgeon has made a comment on Giuseppi Logan, I give him a copy of Sound to Noise, GL tells me about generous NYC:

The head of Satan's Dance is one of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard. Thanks for tracking him down and posting this. Logan's a treasure that should not be lost.


You can watch my YouTube documentary on Giuseppi Logan on YouTube!!!!!

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Needs to RESIGN Now by Suzannah B. Troy

Bloomberg needs to resign. He did not keep his promises and he is all smoke and mirrors. Right now SAIC wants 110 million Sept. 30 to continue with an Orwellian Time Clock for city employees that does not work and won't save the city money for at least 50 years but makes consultants with no time clock very rich moving towards the billion dollar mark of tax payers money but Bloomberg wants to sign with SAIC -- a big federal company with some big scandals on it's resume - feels like a white collar crime against tax payer. The NY Post exposed Bloomberg wiring money out of his personal account to the Independence Party funneled to Haggerty and the NY Post forced Cy Vance to do his job why has the Manhattan DA not served Mike Bloomberg, Kevin Sheekey, Wolfson, etc. with subpoenas? Is this like Bloomberg trying to make the Deutsche Bank law suits go away- Firemen Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino's family. Is king Bloomberg going to make his Watergate go away? If we don't get one democrat who can beat Quinn in the primary run and not a group to split the vote we will have Bloomberg running the city through a woman that helped him deny us a referendum also criminal in my opinion. Mike will run the city for a 4th term from the golf course but he should resign now and belongs in prison with everyone that aided and abetted him for campaign improprieties, denying us a referendum and 109 million and real estate dealings to his buddies who insisted he deny us a referendum all need to be investigated.


Monday, September 27, 2010

HBO Adrian Grenier Paparazzo by Suzannah B. Troy

Adrian Grenier first documentary on finding his Dad and I thought the film was terrific! http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20037890,00.html

Grenier is on a roll. Another good documentary.

This is about a 13 year old paparazzo boy in Hollywood. He takes us inside visiting his parents who live separately and they look like they had this boy late in life.

Austin is 13 years old going on 40 and he makes serious money. Austin is stunning. He is just a gorgeous boy. He has to be the most stunning paparazzo as well as the youngest.

Grenier interviews an older paparazzo from the Lower East Side and asks him to give Austin advice. He said try and get as much money from your agency and than go in to business for yourself. There is no doubt that he will.

The older paparazzo from the Lower East Side stops and says to Adrian Grenier - I want to be you but he lacks Grenier's good looks so you get the vibe on some level following the celebrities around he has been living vicariously through them.

Austin is so beautiful he could be the next Adam Grenier with a successful HBO tv show.

Concerns are brought up for his safety but Austin has street smarts and survivor skills plenty of people will never develop. He has also promised his parents to never do drugs. Smart move.

Grenier's first documentary is far more compelling because finding his Dad is far more moving but Grenier is not an empty headed vapid Hollywoo-wood type so he gives the subject matter more depth and complexity than you might imagine....and yes there is some compassion. Celebrity and paparazzo have a symbiotic relationship. They do need each other to make money but I do believe there needs to be laws to protect people and keep them and their loved ones, especially children of celebrities safe.

Alec Baldwin is the only one honest enough to say they photographs help their career. There is no doubt some have gotten out of hand and they are endangering people's lives.

This kid is a gem what ever he does with his life...I am interested.

Boardwalk Empire Episode 2 awful go see Winter's Bones but it is a disturbing film by Suzannah B. Troy

HBO's Boardwalk Empire episode 2 was awful. The first episode was surprisingly good except for the way women's semi-naked to a naked dead body were treated visually but their stock has dropped. Because there is nothing on I may have to tune back in but really not interested.

What was very good but very hard to deal with was Winter's Bones. The violence was hard to deal with as was the abject poverty, the lack of any quality of life, stark but sometimes beautiful imagery, such an unusual film where everyone told me the ending would surprise me. It did but not the way people had suggested to me. I found a lot about this film surprising and unusual including the young lead who is very promising. I hope she, Jennifer Lawrence, gets an Oscar nomination for her role. The supporting cast was excellent as well and I won't forget them anytime soon.

Some of the gaunt druggies reminded me of some of the East Village characters you see roaming the streets and visiting the chess boards of Tompkins Square Park.  But in this film you get to see a bit of how drug addiction and dealing impact the families.

The movie is not uplifting and mostly depressing but you can't feel depressed because the lead, a young woman or a girl on the verge of womanhood is such a survivor. She reminded me of Lisbeth in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Triology but of course this gal is not techno-saavy.

Great film but not for the weak of heart.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

King Mike Bloomberg upset by Bloggers but NY Times reporter does not ask which bloggers? by Suzannah B. Troy

The New York Times reporter never asks king Mike Bloomberg which bloggers are you referring to? Which blog pieces, give us an example Mike of what you find so upsetting?

The Village Voice blog picked up the blogger part of the NYTimes piece and further down you can read what I posted on both the NYTimes and Village Voice but first let's rewind to a YouTube I made that told viewers don't believe what the media is reporting...I talked about voter anger which the press was not reporting and that Mike Bloomberg might not win....May 4, 2009

Mike Bloomberg is a control freak and he wants to silence the blogger YouTube resistance and control them they way he controls the media.

Folks it is time to watch "All the Presidents Men" on the Watergate break-in.

Posted this comment below on The Village Voice blog...

http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/ and the blogger YouTube resistance against Bloomberg thinks he is lawless denying us a referendum, his reckless tsunami of development and his misdeamor A crime which carries jail time not reporting his expenditures for his campaign, the donation funneled to Haggerty.  Where is a Federal investigation in to this and why Mike has not turned over 62 emails.  I have asked the Feds to investigate cyber crimes including aggravated harassment by Mikeisinnocent, Mike very own Liddy?


Sent from my iPhone

Why are the papers refusing to report the news and when they do they than bury the story.
Why hasn't Mike Bloomberg been given a subpoena  to turn over 62 emails?

And I would imagine the DA would want his staff to turn over emails they sent to Haggerty as well?

Why is the press not asking Bloomberg questions like this and about Steve Rattner being possible banned by the SEC and what will Mike do about his investments managed by Rattner....

We know Mike is less than forth coming about many things..
The New York Times published 9 letters of mine but now they are like communist Russia or Bloomberg-Rattner run so I don't even know if this comment will make it past their censors..

Interesting reporting and Bloomberg is never asked which blogger and what blog pieces is he referring to?
— Suzannah B. Troy


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mike Bloomberg guilty of Misdemeanor A? RESIGN!!! Ditto Wolfson! Resign!!! By Suzannah B. Troy


http://www.observer.com/2010/politics/secret-campaign-mayor-mike?page=0 Ari Roston' s piece is the best and most damming. You must read "TO FULLY UNDERSTAND the Bloomberg arrangement is to pick at some old threads from the mayor's 2005 election. Then, the mayor was running as a Republican, rather than an "independent," and spent $78 million to beat out Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer. It turns out, Mr. Bloomberg funded another ballot security operation-helmed by Mr. Haggerty-in that race as well. In that case, Mr. Bloomberg made two $400,000 donations to the New York State Republican Party's "Housekeeping Account." (Those parallel the two $600,000 donations he would make in 2009 to the Independence Party.) In turn, the Republican Party paid $200,000 in "poll watcher" fees to an apparently unincorporated company called Campaign Resources. Located at 205 Montague Street, in downtown Brooklyn, it used the address of the law office of the late Robert Allan Muir, Mr. Haggerty's attorney and friend."
David Seifman's exclusive a home runs and the newest buried about emails Mike won't hand over. My 2 comments calling for FBI & Justice Dept. to come in removed.

Lucky Wolfson was not testifying in court it might be called perjury.

If the expenditures were to aid the campaign," said Laufer, Bloomberg "had to report them either one way or the other," as a committee expenditure or the personal expenditure of a candidate. The section cited by Laufer makes it a Class A misdemeanor for "any candidate" not to file a sworn statement "as to all moneys paid, given or expended to aid his own nomination or election," and specifically includes "contributions to political committees."

BloombergGate Hits Home

Has Haggerty has decided to take everyone down with him or is he trying to get the heavyweights involved to stop his investigation? Stay Tuned

Indicted campaign aide John Haggerty points finger at Mayor Bloomberg's former deputy mayor
"Mayor Bloomberg's political mastermind was outed in court papers Friday as the architect of a plan to hide $1.1 million in Election Day poll-watching. Indicted campaign aide John Haggerty said in a 41-page motion that former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey convinced Bloomberg to hire the state Independence Party to do the monitoring - instead of using his own campaign team."


Mike Bloomberg holds the strings to Cy Vance's office and Cy Campaign guy Guma married to Maura Keaney. See my youtube series on this because Maura worked with Haggerty.



No wonder Mike is defending Rangel.

Friday, September 17, 2010

911 Dispatch could completely collapse + CityTime, Steve Rattner, Haggerty Bloomberg tehcno-dreams a real nightmare! by Suzannah B Troy

Special Thanks to Queens Crap, Louis, NO THIRD TERM, JT, Juan Gonzalez, our FDNY, NYPD, EMS that put their lives on the line for us and to all the people who have reached out to support me -- this YouTube is dedicated to you with thanks and gratitude from Suzannah B. Troy
Sept. 6th News article...
posted on Queen's Crap
2.5 BIL of your tax dollars wasted on his pet project!
Over 10 preventable fire fatalities so far because of UCT911
-Anonymous NYC fireman
New 911 Dispatch System Can't Stand Up to High Volume
The Bloomberg administration's streamlining of 911 dispatch operations has hit another roadblock.
Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez reported Sept. 1 that a computer program provided by a Verizon subcontractor failed quality-assurance testing, which could lead to a termination of its $195-million contract.
'Breaks Down If Saturated'
"When the new software gets saturated with calls for [the Emergency Medical Service] and police, it can't handle the load and the system starts dropping calls," and in a "big public emergency...it would just break down."
The $2-billion project is meant to shave seconds off emergency response times, and it includes the Unified Call Taker system, which Fire Department unions have condemned, saying that it resulted in units being sent to wrong addresses.
Patrick J. Bahnken, who as president of Local 2507 of District Council 37 represents Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics, was doubtful that the overhaul was necessary, saying the "old system worked fine." He then asked, "Was it possible to enhance the existing system?"
Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications Commissioner Carole Post said in a statement, "We have not made a decision. However, we are extremely dissatisfied that Verizon has failed to deliver on this contract. There is no room for anything less than a 100-percent success rate with this program. Verizon has presented us with some options; we are evaluating them."
To date, Verizon has been paid $21 million.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

True Blood Finale Sookie Eric Sizzling by Suzannah B. Troy

The opening scene rocked the house for me.   Without spilling the beans for those who might not have seen the episode....Sookie-Eric scene sizzling superb...thank goodness, superb...now I can really look forward to next season!

I knew one way or another Eric would be back...I just like this way better!

Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, we have all been there....surprise he lied and lied and lied to you...

True Death, True Blood, truly fantastic...this season finale a thousand times better than last seasons and I can't wait until next season...wish it was next season...next Sunday!

p.s. Alan Ball, the big daddy of True Blood thanks for fans for being the best and gives us some exciting vamp news and politics, politics, politics and excitement to look forward to next season!!!!  This season was superb and I enjoyed tonight so much!

Luke 8:17, is that like spiritual video cameras, first image Girl 27

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out in to the open...

Luke 8:17

First image are the words above from Girl 27

Lies, character assassination, paying people to commit perjury...and more.

"The truth always wins." Patricia Douglas

Truth is my vindication. The truth always wins, it comes out no matter what, how many years go by, no matter how you are lied about, the truth comes out... Patricia Douglas from the film Girl 27

Fred Siegel article "Throw the Bums Out, offer not valid in NY" a living nightmare by Suzannah B. Troy

http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/throw_the_bums_out_offer_not_valid_tS64PYfAbuEf9zaW3lNY5H  Fred Siegel's title says it all.

Why and how do we need to do to get people in NY to throw the bums out?

1) Making following politics mandatory?

2) Make the voting booth a piece of technology attached to our tv sets that we can sign in using our thumb print and vote from home?

3) Find ways to inspire people with integrity that are devoted to the community to run?

How do we do that and often some or many people that start off good are now mired in corruption up to their eyeballs so how do we prevent this.  I continue to say term-limits but here in NYC the mayor who would be king has allowed city council and his charter revision commission to circumvent voters literally denying us a referendum and extending term-limits this year for city council yet again 2 years in a row!

I made two YouTubes about this...so tired of pasting links...go look at my channel Suzannahartist.

4) New Yorkers tolerance for corruption is greater than our tallest sky scrapers....

5) Why do to many people feel it is a given that politicians are crooks and it is accepted they can live high off our tax payer money, even robbing it and using their position in city gov. to broker lucrative deals the benefit their families, girlfriends, boyfriends, mistresses, relatives, friends, etc.?

The newspapers write about throwing the bums out but very few actually cover the challengers.

Remember candidate Doug Biviano made a video about this and went to major media companies where all refused to have him interviewed and worse an NBC employee who knew he was being filmed and works security -- reception but he wants to be called an information something or other was told by an NBC employee -- perhaps someone senior who wanted this YouTube REMOVED and  the gentleman who's face was seen in all of  7 seconds in an almost 10 minute youtube  --- even met with NBC lawyers too all adding up to what....?  Would NBC execs go to extreme lengths  to have candidate Doug Biviano's YouTube removed ?  Do you think....?   Doug's YouTube was moving towards to 1,000 hits was censored by a media giant....?

6) A cap for all spending for candidates so no mega rich can buy an election.

The YouTube is gone but watch the censored version.


Truly what is going on in Albany and City Hall is a nightmare and most people don't get it but they will be feeling the pain next year, everyone will but mayor Bloomberg, his rich developer pals, city council members and the clowns in Albany.

By the way did Albany balance their budget yet.  It was due April 1, 2010.  April Fool's Day....

Posted this comment to NY Daily News editorial today....Start a Revolution  (If only!!!!!!!!)
1) We need computerized mini-voting machines attached to our Televisions with a sign in using your thumb print. Maybe that way we could get more people to actually vote. 2) We need a cap on what all candidates can spend to run for office and it has to be small especially if tax payers have to match a percentage. 3) Term Limits 4) reality tv show following these politicians around and the price of how much tax payer money they are wasting as they go about their days 5) expose how they hire their family members, lovers, pals 6) expose how the benefit themselves, family, etc with lucrative deals that are huge conflicts of interest. 8) something to shake-up voter apathy

Lady Gaga Excerpt from Biography NYPost by Suzannah B. Troy

Okay, I still have not download one song...maybe I am waiting for a song she sings with little to no special effects, just her voice but you can tell I enjoy writing about her. So does The New York Post. Today the paper has two full pages with photos and an excerpt from a new biography, "Poker Face" do out. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/gaga_grab_for_glory_HnM5UCKsU1AE1uPvPj0UAI
and The New York Daily News in "Viral Buzz" talks about Lady Gaga is up for a record 13 video music award nods.

Good luck Lady Gaga. I have yet to buy a song....If she does a piece that is just her singing with no special effects...something soulful let me know.

I do love that 6th grade boy singing her song Paparazzi -- superb. Would love to buy a duet of the two of them singing this song.

Lady Gaga dropped out of NYU and that was a good move because I call NYU, the evil empire, the purple reign of terror....NYU mega dormed the East Village to death. Visit 120 East 12th Street, next door to where I live for 20 years....see the facade of St. Ann's from 120 East 12th Street with the hideous ugly NYU mega dorm....NYU mega dormed the East Village to death, yes indeed, NYU the evil empire has torn down every historic building, displacing our communities....the only thing mayor Bloomberg, socialite, mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden and John 1.8 million (his salary) Sexton, pres. of NYU have not down is provide NYU trolleys and buses to move us out. At least they have not sent us to concentration camps but NYU is responsible for the destruction of the Village East and West and other universities and developers have followed NYU's lead.

I went to bed in the East Village and I woke up in a bad xerox of mid-town turning into a bad xerox of Dubai.

Glad to hear Lady Gaga dropped out of NYU. Good luck at the Video Music Awards...

p.s. Stuy Town as meant to be affordable housing. Our City wanted to help soldiers returning from World War 2 to have housing but the city does very little to help people and our vets... NYU now calls Stuy Town their student housing... Stuy Towny Buy Town Affordable Housing an oxymoron....read my poem and learn about a little conversation I had with Amanda the people's Burden way back when....

True Blood Tonight Last Episode 2010 by Suzannah B. Troy

Say it ain't so! No, way can True Blood, True Bloodiness, True Love, Truly Bloody Good be over and out for 2010. Okay I can comfort myself next year a new even hotter, sexier fabulous season will be back but what am I suppose to do until than? Someone please tell me.

I am watching "Sons of Anarchy" but the cast isn't as buff, not very sexy and the series is not delving in to the complexity of human relations but it an infamous biker make-over of Hamlet. Sons of Anarchy, season 3 started last week so I am using the show to help me cope with the horror of no True Blood next week.

I love True Blood for the most part, except the end of season 2 but True Blood is way too bloody for me and I want to use my imagination... (For those without a funny bone who are prudes don't read on.) The "makers" of True Blood never delve in to why the Vamps are not beside themselves with joy over our (women's) monthly visit that has us seeing red....Sorry but that is my bad humor. I just image Eric and a raunchy scene on that topic matter; very raunchy scene.

Okay, enough, let us get to tonight!!!!!! Here is a link for tonight but don't get all excited....it is a very mellow or close to boring but we love the characters and acting so who cares.

Sam flipping out last week touched a chord with so many of us sick of being a door mat although I couldn't help feel sorry for his little brother.

Eric one of my favorites maybe history tonight as he succeeds in revenging his family's murder but as we know the creators of True Blood have found ways to make some wonderful characters reappear so I comfort myself with the idea if he does perish tonight because he needs sunblock that Sookie will be having some very sexy Eric dreams that will be so hot smoke will be coming out of your TV set.

I love Bill and he appears to be such a gentleman but come on, anyone who is investigating your family tree has go to be suspect!!!!! I know you True Romance types don't want to read my cynical pondering and I bet in the long run thangs will work out (things & thangs) but I don't hold Bill in the same esteem I did.

The first season was superb but his season was beyond with the addition of new top rate actors, tighter, sharper scripts and more. Be back tonight after the season ends to write more... Say it ain't over for this year...please...Can't they start Season 4 next week?

Blooomberg Quinn minimum wage, jobs w/ no futures, remember the NYPD starting salary lowered as City Council gave themselves $? Suzannah B. Troy

Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn had no problem lowering the NYPD starting salary when city council with the exception of 3 members voted themselves a raise with some having lousy attendance records and also extended term limits all huge conflicts of interest. Tell me where a minimum wage job or a $10 an hour job at a shopping mall or the new Nets stadium built on an illegal land grab (eminent domain abuse) is going to take people? The politicians talk but their actions especially when it comes to themselves speaks volumes!

Just a reminder folks, Bloomberg nows we are in a budgetary crisis, despite smoke and mirrors talk, NYC and the USA always is thanks to greed, stupidity and corruption with politicians from the left, right and middle and the powerful corporation and financial sector power houses that "rule".

Bloomberg still managed to hire his campaign staff all with 6 figure salaries to what The New York Post estimates is $2 million dollars courtesy of The New York TAX PAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!    In the meantime crooks like Pedro Espada may get back in because we can't get the newspapers to cover opposing candidates and we can't get people to come out and vote.

If only we could do computerized voting with our finger print from her homes via the television....than maybe we could get people to vote....just maybe!

Friday, September 10, 2010

NY Daily News Editorial Addressing Mike Bloomberg not keeping this promise on term limits and Charter Commissions big screw-up

Bravo. Should be front page on the cover of yours and every paper. King Mike made a promise and he has not kept. Democracy flushed down the toilet two years in a row. He appointed this committee and they dropped the ball which is convenient for city council members wanting a third term without the voters say so, AGAIN! Really the city council should be protesting loudly if they truly believed in representing the people. See my two YouTubes on this issue. Thanks, Suzannah B. Troy

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2010/09/10/2010-09-10_mistakes_were_made_charter_revision_commission_must_correct_its_glaring_errors_.html

Trees chopped down for fashion week NY DAILY NEWS exclusive


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lady Gaga Lina Morgana NY Controversy by Suzannah B. Troy

The New York Post is running an exclusive story on a young woman, Lina Morgana, who's mom says her daughter greatly influenced Lady Gaga and the 41 year old mom wants Gaga to acknowledge this as well as give permission to release a dozen songs Lina and Gaga recorded before Morgana's tragic death.  I can't find out any information about how she died.  I have read fan postings and they are vague including one comment that said she jumped off a roof.  I can't find any actual documentation of how she died but the conclusion drawn from vague postings is suicide.

I found a posting by a young woman, Margarita, that met 17 year old Morgana and was clearly in great admiration of her.  Margarita writes that Morgana had her music on the Hills and Laguna Beach.

Wonderland  by Lina Morgana and Lady Gaga's version do sound hauntingly similar.

"Far Away"   is a dark song about a guy we have all met.  Mr. Narcissist who does not care about women at all but just the ego massage of females he has suckered, ensnared coming when he calls and the joy he gets at hitting the "on" and "off" switch, a guy who is addicted to what he might call love but is really his primary relationship  is with   his mirror  and playing games...oh dear...stay away from these lonely guys and they love to call their victims narcissist when they become big boys and learn big big boy words.  They are the loneliest guys looking for real life barbie dolls best to be avoided...and yes, despite their narcissism deep down they don't like themselves and they can't treat any woman very nicely for more than a few minutes....

Will Lady Gaga give the okay to release the songs she recorded with Lina Morgana?  In time we will get answers.  I do not own a Gaga song and just from a brief look at Wonderland do I think Morgana influenced her?  Yes, is is possible but the bottom line is Gaga marketed herself with the clothing and timing was everything.  Gaga is a superstar and that fact she cannot steal from anyone...that is hard work, luck meaning she was at the right place and time and she was able to do the work she needed to do when others might have folded, crashed and burned.

Lady Gaga is a superstar in her own right and she can't steal super stardom.

Condolences to Lina Morgan's mother and all loved ones.  There is no doubt she was talented and her work is certainly getting attention now by this controversy. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

True Blood Lust, Love, Sunday it's ova 'til next year! by Suzannah B. Troy

True Blood's last installment for this year is Sunday for this year and I can't say "over" so I write it is ova for this year.....I know I share the same sinking feeling you do.   First here is a fabulous interview with "Russell" played by the marvelous Denis O'Hare.  I can't introduce every actor to you because the list is every expanding and they are all marvelous.

To further comfort you, you may want to read this article also from The New York Post on the sexiest scenes although you and I may have to add more than has been reported, right?

The sex scenes are sizzling and as I have mentioned before, the cast looks like they spend a huge amount of time in the gym preparing to get naked and look spectacular!!!

Which reminds me, remember how Sam is behaving....?  No more Mister Nice Guy?  I feel the same way.  I don't know if it is Mercury in Retrograde but I am simpatico and sympathetic.

I can't wait for this Sunday and I dread this Sunday night at 9:ooPM because NOOOOOOOO!!!  Tell me it ain't over until next year!!!!!!   I can't lose Eric.  He is just too much fun and too sexy.  The good news is it ain't over until the fat lady sings.  I don't know what that means but vampires keep popping up even after the undead finally get dead dead so if the worst happens I am assuming lots of sizzling sexy flash backs or hallucinations by Sookie!!!!!!

I will be here Sunday Night 10:OOPM bringing you my unique true bloody perspective....
fangs away,

Technology Mike Bloomberg's undoing? How overriding the democratic process was king Mike's undoing by Suzannah B. Troy

The New York Daily News has an editorial today "Fix Charter Commission Folly"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSZZkAQGemY I asked Henry Stern, our ex-Parks commissioner for a one minute interview -- it turned in to a civics's lesson but please check it out. If you do you will see a 2nd YouTube I made so outraged that Bloomberg's hand picked minion for Charter Revision Commission robbed us so that makes two years in a row of a vote or say.  They needed to return 3 terms to the 2 the people voted on right there and than to respect the people's vote on this issue but did not!!!!!!!!!!  Also my newest tube is on 62 emails king Mike refuses to turn over he sent to Haggerty which proves this is not a democracy.  All dirty dealings that show it is an oligarchy and the people's will have been flouted and kings are above the law.

Special note to viewers:  YouTube does not allow nudity or women to go topless.  I am not in good shape enough to get naked for democracy but you get how angry I am and desperate to bring this travesty - two years in a row democracy, the people of New York have been prevented from voting on term limits and term limits have been extended without our say so!!

Also shocking is David Seifman's breaking news about King Mike not wanting to turn over 62 emails to Haggerty that he says our personal.

The Haggerty Trial is Mike Bloomberg's Watergate and the technology king Mike fatal flaw may be electronic mail....email, how ironic like a modern day play by  Shakespeare!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy & friend Brooklyn Museum making like Rodin & Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I feel like a Rodin...a living breathing sculpture of my own design....?  Yes and no.....exhausted tired but happy to be at the Brooklyn Museum with a friend....please don't ask me to have your baby...we are standing in front of a Warhol, than we are standing in front of the Robert Fultonsculpture...and go up stairs to look at more Warhol -- oh there is Jodi Foster as a young girl...Interview Magazine....

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden beautiful.... so tired have to rest, lay down in the grass, talk about NYC politics and also take time to dream....waking dreams....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

David Seifman's exclusive & it is damming for Bloomberg call the FBI! by Suzannah B. Troy

Mike Bloomberg the king of policing emails and the internet of both his public empire NYC gov and his private empire will not give up his 62 emails to Haggerty?

The bottom line is Haggerty is Bloomberg's Watergate and we need the FBI investigating and the Justice Department not the Manhattan DA which king Mike holds the purse strings to.  Besides being told that Vance owes Mark Guma money from his campaign and Guma is married to Keaney who worked with Haggerty for Bloomberg -- 1 degree of separation -- Bloomberg with holding info is like Steve Rattner pleading the 5th more times than king Mike has been mayor which may lead the S.E.C to banning Rattner for 3 years -- their with holding info is DAMMING!!!!!  Bloomberg like Rattner his money manger believes he is Teflon and both have no respect for limits re: term limits or conflicts of interest and greed involving pension funds here in NY and I am told New Mexico and CA.  We need a higher authority and court for this to play out and I believe based on my own experience of non-stop harassment on the computer, pre and post the election on going by a man called Bloombergforlife, MikeisInnocent, Hoochee, a man that stole than city council member Tony Avella's identity, not a member of YouTube, that there is a lot more Bloomberg and his campaign people have to hide.  Note: We the tax payers are paying an estimated $2 million for Bloombergberg's campaign staff to work at City Hall.  Bloomberg insists we pay 6 figure salaries.  Why are they there and on the pay roll?  This all stinks and Bloomberg has been less than forth coming on investments that Rattner has made for him in the Caymen Islands. What will Bloomberg do with all the money Rattner is in charge of if the SEC bans him and why won't Bloomberg come forward and reveal the emails?  Why is Bloomberg less than transparent when it comes to his investments and his emails?


Thanks for True News for the artwork "Bloomberg Nixon".

Editors of The NY Post racist scape goating of American Indians for NY's economic woes!

When it comes to American Indians and WOMEN the editors of the NYPost are so hateful it is shocking! The American Indians are not to blame for economic woes but corrupt, greedy, stupid politicians and pals are too blame! At least the Editors don't blame the American Indians for the National Debt.! Bloomberg, Paterson and the editors are guilty of economic racism blaming a group and Native Americans, the real New Yorkers! You want to help small businesses that sell the cancer sticks, lower the taxes! It is a no brainer! Bloomberg has made it cheaper and easier to sell heroin on the street than cigarettes! Good going Mike! To the editors how many bars and stores sell booze to people that go drunk driving or go commit a crime or criminals pray on drunks, etc. There are plenty of people making money off of vices here in NYC and they are not American Indians. Plenty of people think your coverage or lack there of is an example. How many readers care about what Kay eats? Shame on the editors for their racist scapegoating of the American Indians who owe us nothing and in fact the government owes them big time!

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/editorials/seneca_threats_B5ezCHcsxmNzcY4O3WgUUJ#comments#ixzz0ygwt3cxD

So much corruption from Albany to city hall -- where to begin? by Suzannah B. Troy



There is truly so much corruption from Albany to City Hall -- there is no way to cover it all....really truly.  If only we could have video cameras on them streaming live to TV and websites with a running ticker of how they are blowing tax payer money even being chauffeured around refusing to take public transportation.  Lucky for them because they would get an ear full and an eye full of what a mess our subway system is and how over crowded.

We need a cap on campaign fund raising and more transparency all the way around.

We need an App (Application) for our phones and computers on how government is robbing, abusing, throwing away tax payer money.





Has Albany balanced the budget due April 1, 2010 yet?

You all know I believe Paterson is guilty of intimidating an alleged victim of spousal abuse in to silence.

Attempting to make the American Indians pay taxes to close a budget deficit caused by greed, stupidity and corruption...?


Not that anyone is paying attention but Mike Bloomberg's money manager Steve Rattner got busted for pay to play and may be banned by the S.E.C. (simple explanation --the SEC is like the NYPD of stocks, bonds and trading...get it?)  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2010/09/steve-rattner-desperately-plugging-his.html

NYC Fire FDNY, NYC Characters by Suzannah B. Troy

Massive fire on a Manhattan Pier and FDNY to the rescue. Read my insights and also enjoy some New York Characters...I love the historic building. NY's character and characters need protection.






Lady Gaga As beleaguered Lady Liberty by Suzannah B. Troy

Lady Gaga's fabulous photo by Mario Testino graces the cover of V Magazine and Ms. Controversial is making waves and laughter with this photo shoot!

For more reasons than I can begin to talk about the timing of this photo shoot is spot on and for many readers who don't know me for a very New York reason that few people are aware of.  I posted a piece earlier today about getting naked if need be to protest king Mike Bloomberg flushing democracy down the toilet 2 years in a row extending term limits without the people of New York's say so aka vote!  This time he got his hand picked Charter Commission to do his dirty work and the city council members that got a 3rd term try without our vote are not saying, "No, I refuse to accept this because this was not people did not vote on this!" 

Back to Lady Gaga because she sums up my feeling! The only thing king Mike has not done is put advertising on the Statue of Liberty so this photo with Lady Gaga with Marc Jacobs pushing her in a shopping cart speaks volume but is also pure whimsy.

Fox News reports Lady Gaga earns spot on Vanity Fair's best dressed list and the link is fun to read check it out.  Best sentence from the article,  "Gaga channels the "Dada Catholic girl" in the spirit of Gypsy Rose Lee and Rosie, the Jetson's robot maid, the magazine says, while Bonham Carter, who says her favorite items of clothing is her "bloomers," is inspired by Vivienne Westwood and Marie Antoinette."

She delights her little monsters.   V Magazine hits news stands tomorrow.  Thank goodness for Lady Gaga; it is impossible to die of boredom with her around.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mike Bloomberg Mayor Until he Dies? by Suzannah B. Troy

CBS News reports that Mike Bloomberg will not leave his third term early to go work at The White House for President Obama. He won't stop being mayor of New York City unless King Mike dies....during his 3rd term.  What brought on this morbid talk?  Page 666, oops, Page 6 of The New York Post ran a provocative piece that rang very false to New Yorkers about President Obama needing Bloomberg's business acumen to help rescue our Country's massive budget deficit.  Hardee har, we all laughed because many of us New Yorkers feels king Mike Bloomberg steals from the middle class and poor to give to the rich!  In fact king Mike is now expanding his thieving ways to steal from the American Indians as well.  Please explain to me why the American Indians should have to pay taxes to solve our economic budget crisis here in NYC?  By the way, the budget crisis here may be as catastrophic as a terror attack not that anyone is paying attention yet but not to worry it won't affect the rich party class that king Mike caters to!    

If king Mike Bloomberg is such a good business man, than why is New York in the verge of a possible economic crisis, perhaps the worse since the Great Depression?  I am not alone noting this economic crisis because it was mentioned in The New York Post in the article about the Seneca and Cayuga Tribes getting a temporary restraining order against Paterson and gang collecting cigarette taxes.  I was so happy to read that someone else other than me is aware and again why should the American Indians have to pay for New York's corrupt, greedy, stupid government bringing the city and state to the edge of the economic abyss and we have tumbled down....just smoke and mirrors Mike Bloomberg and media friends seem to not talk about it much.

Well not to worry because if Mike Bloomberg did pass away I promise you all the greedy developers including the Presidents of NYU, Columbia University and Cooper Union and the great sharks of Wall Street would pump his veins with formaldehyde and prop him up to make sure he finishes his 3rd term.  Who knows maybe they would prop him up for a 4th term!  

What a fake piece of public relations on behalf of king Mike Bloomberg courtesy of Page 6.  You know what someone once wrote about Page 6 of The New York Post in Vanity Fair?  Page 6 is like the toilet, everyone has to go. 

Well everyone I know thought the post was pure crap because king Mike steals from the middle class and poor to give to the rich....Under his reign we had a record amount of eminent domain abuse here in New York.  Thanks for the laugh Page 6!

Thanks for tuning in,
p.s.  All 344 YouTubes of mine mostly about king Mike Bloomberg were mysteriously removed from YouTube owned by Google a month and a half before the election.  Norman Siegel represented me and many activists including film makers spoke up on my behalf.  All my work was returned to me 28 hours later with an apology from Google.