NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely violent receptionist Delita's running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest Oct 16 immediate than Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Saturday oct. 20, 2012 4PM IAB let him and his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE I am alleging fix, favors and retaliation -- please look at the first page -- it mentions HP tied to 911 Tech corruption as well as mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly free rides Air Bloomberg....http://www.scribd.com/doc/188752042/NYPD-Commissioner-Ray-Kelly-Charles-Campisi-DI-Ed-Winski-Lt-Agnes-Lt-Angelo-Burgos-IAB-Sgt-Mary-O-Donnell-Sgt-Chen-Det-Andy-Dwyer-Det-John-Ve

Thursday, February 28, 2013

SAIC Perfect Storm Ahead

SAIC Perfect Storm Ahead, March 25th 2013, stop,  dismissal deadline securities litigation for shareholders
and executives, stop, more push back from SAIC,  stop,  earnings report due out  March 26th, STOP, are we finally gonna share some civil admission to the shareholders lawsuit and the SEC, per  their July letter of inquiry? Stop.

NYC Tax Payers stay tuned because if SAIC shareholder win it is a win for us and bad news for everyone trying to prevent CityTime trial from going back in Time....

A "perfect storm" is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically.

NYPD Hero Peter Figoski Daughter's to Speak at Cowardly Murderer's sentencing


Peter Figoski was a good man and a good cop.   His death tragic and beyond heart breaking.

Because the jury did not do their job properly the daughters will now have to suffer at ever parole hearing.

I sent money to his daughters.

I now am the victim of corrupt cops lead by Det. John Vergona -- it is a horrible story and based on Adrian Schoolcraft's secretly recorded tapes all to common that corrupt cops are fixing crimes not investigating them and it hurts good cops like Peter Figoski now in a special place in Heaven.

http://youtu.be/dh9TedhfthE   I was almost blinded by a running punch to my left eye by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks while this bully road raging creature from the Planet Rage throws off her shoes and runs at me as fast as she can punching me in the eye as I stand there with a numb arm and holding bags one very heavy and my phone.  She confused me with a human pinata and I became a victim a 2nd time over by the NYPD.

The Peter Figoski types are few and far between.  Rest in Peace.

Samatha Rudin Melanie Myers No Hospital Rape Crisis Center instead Rudin Luxury Cond

We were a small group today, but we did well to keep showing up to say that our fight goes on :  we still need a full-service hospital to replace St. Vincent's.

At today's real estate forum, it shocked our conscious to learn that Julie Menin, canddiate for Manhattan Borough President, was a participant -- even through the highlight of the forum was Melanie Meyer's and Samantha Rudin's distorted presentation about St. Vincent's Hospital.  We will contact Ms. Menin, to ask her to explain why she took part in the real estate forum, if it was glorifying the Rudin takeover of St. Vincent's....

We were not allowed inside the forum, and one of our friends reported to us that the conference was deliberately not being recorded or live streamed, because the forum's participants did not want their conversations recorded for public examination.  While Melanie Meyers and Samantha Rudin talked about the profits that they are making, they don't want us to know the exact amount of their riches....

Here is our video of our protest, pointing out how Melanie Meyers and the Rudin family are corruptingSarge Shriver's legacy at the law firm of Fried Frank :  http://youtu.be/O-lN9sw2UsA

Thank you for all that you do

Note from Suzannah -- so flattering to see my youtube style copied from "tell me why your here" to sitting in one's living room.   Good YouTube -- you sure ruining the Rudin's day and Melanie Myers.  Bloomberg Quinn and gang are used to the press covering up their corruption and wrong doings so my blogging as well as protests like this how ever small do make a difference not to mention Occupy Wall Street sure have made the Oligarchs of New York most unhappy.

The Shrivers and Kennedy's have not been to one protest or fought for a full service hospital so there are no surprises here let alone rallied against the Pipeline in the West Village.

The Kennedy's who are green activists along with posers like Al Gore saw naught about a Pipeline in the West Village and no Trauma Level 1 Hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and let me guess all those women celebrated do not need a Rape Crisis Center but rapes are up and under reported yet like Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer who call themselves anti Rape activists Rudin condos are more important than A Rape Crisis Center like the one St Vincent's Hospital had.   Should we ask Bill and Hillary where they stand on no Trauma Level 1 hospital and the pipeline being built?

Hurricane Sandy was a yet another wake-up call re: our flawed 2 billion + tax dollar 911 system that does not work properly and our shortage of hospitals that can function under crisis.

By the way Cy Vance where is the prosecution of ECTP 911 Tech Disaster bigger than CityTime -- John Liu requested a criminal investigation May 2012 and 911 life or death -- besides stealing -- the 911 system flawed.  

Where is the prosecution of St Vincent's Hospital crooks.  Word on the Street - Cy afraid of Howard Rubenstein ire and of bringing attention to Rudin acquisition.  

A trauma level 1 hospital life or death so Bloomberg, Quinn, Rudin, Meyer, city council greed first safety of The People last.   NY green activist = money = sell-out politicians.

Under Bloomberg and socialite mega-millionaire Amanda the People's Burden -- Team Bloomberg and Christine Quinn acting as Mike Bloomberg's deputy mayor green lighting all the real estate corruption that has jeopardized the safety of the People as well as green lighting all the tech corrupt deals the largest corruption EVER in NYC history with 911, CityTime and NYCAPS = 2 billion dollars in over-runs alone and how about theft?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tom DiNapoli NY State Comptroller Help NYC 911 CityTime 2

Dear Tom DiNapoli
NY State Comptroller:

I am part Mae West part Mike Wallace all Suzannah B. Troy.

Here is my YouTube   May 27, 2010  aprox 6 months before you did the right thing and banned SAIC from all State and City Contracts because of CityTime aka CityCrime --
my youtube states we must not renew -- we need a full investigation.

Here I am with Local 375 DC 37 the driving force behind getting out the truth about SAIC.

All speakers did a great job especially Tish James but again I was the only one to say I want a billion dollars x 3 RICO  (Bierce and Kenerson has published an article suggesting RICO re:
SAIC CityTime) and I used it in my speech.

http://youtu.be/5MgD4ncQF18   Here I am in front of SAIC's offices asking for 1 billion x 3 RICO.

I am the only suggesting We the People go after SAIC's auditors Deloitte as well.

Now I am writing to alert you and your staff John Liu is doing an excellent job revealing CityTime 2 aka ECTP the 911 Tech System -- in my opinion bigger crime than CityTime
and John Liu asked Cy Vance for a criminal investigation back in May 2012 giving Cy Vance an audit that is damning in my opinion and also I believe this is bigger than CityTime way bigger.

Aug 20th, 2012 I called the FBI in the morning and asked for their help re: ECTP 911
I told the FBI one the system would fail under duress which is did yet again as Hurricane Sandy would prove me right down the road
and two we were robbed.

I than stumbled upon Mike Bloomberg at a press conference and yelled him down.  The NYPD/nyc gov I believed tried to remove my videos but Google YouTube sided with me
because I filmed this out on the street and badge numbers are public domain.

I screamed Aug 20th that the 911 Tech System does not work properly.

How many People could we have helped if the 911 Tech System worked during Sandy and more frightening how many People died during Bloomberg's Blizzard 2010
and Hurricane Sandy because of ECTP 911 tech corruption.

I believe we have not even skimmed the surface on the corruption ECTP 911 and the even bigger price we continue to pay  because of it including twice in the NY Post reports the EMS software flatlined.

We can't even text 911 for 2 billion dollars and why did we hire NASA -- are the NYPD going to answer 911 calls on the moon?

Were federal contracts drying up so they came here to NYS and NYC or did they here NYC gov a revolving door of corruption and Bloomberg and Christine Quinn reward a culture of corruption.

Christine Quinn brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime brought heroically by Tish James and discouraged a third.

Christine Quinn as usual greenlighted the 1 billion dollar over run ECTP 911 like she does everything for Bloomberg from shady real estate deals for pals to pushing through an illegal third term.

Please help us,
Thank you,

Suzannah B. Troy artist activist

Samantha Rudin Protest Today Rudin Greed

Date :  Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Place :  McGraw-Hill Companies, 1221 Avenue of the Americas (btwn 48th and 49th Streets), Manhattan

We will have some banners, including this new banner.  (See attached.)  But please feel free to bring signs...

Rudin Management Company are laughing all the way to the bank with all the money that they are making from the reckless luxury condo conversion of St. Vincent's Hospital, and now they are gloating about it !  Join us for a protest this week :

Date :  Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Place :  McGraw-Hill Companies, 1221 Avenue of the Americas (btwn 48th and 49th Streets), Manhattan

Executives from Real Estate Weekly Women's Form are gathering at McGraw-Hill on Wednesday to discuss how real estate executives can further their careers and discover new business opportunities. Among the many speakers areMelanie Meyers, the Fried Frank law firm partner who was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby CB2 and the City Council, andSamantha Rudin, from Rudin Management Company.

Join us as we protest from 2:30 - 3:00 outside McGraw-Hill's offices at1221 Avenue of the Americas.

Here is the specific entry on the day's agenda, which reveals how Ms. Meyers and Ms. Rudin plan to describe how Rudin Management Company succeeded in exploiting community resources for private profit :

2:35 PM :  The Journey of St. Vincent’s 

A look into Rudin Management’s vision for the development of St. Vincent’s, the milestones that have been met to pave the way for the project, the twists and turns that had to be addressed in achieving them and what we can expect as the redevelopment takes shape. The recent land use approvals will allow the abandoned hospital to be converted into a new, primarily residential and environmentally friendly complex encompassing the adaptive reuse of six historic buildings and the creation of a new public park that commemorates the history of St. Vincent’s Hospital. 
Melanie Meyers, Partner, Fried Frank
Samantha Rudin Earls, Vice President, Rudin Management Company 
For more information :http://rewomensforum.com/2013-agenda

Notice how Melanie Meyers and Samantha Rudin are portraying St. Vincent's Hospital as having been "abandoned."  

CORRECTION :  It was Rudin Management Company, Fried Frank, Christine Quinn, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and the city and state Departments of Health which abandoned St. Vincent's.

Please bring signs to protest the Melanie Meyers, Samantha Rudin, Bill Rudin, and Rudin Management Company.  Our community still needs a full-service, Level I Trauma Center to replace St. Vincent's.  

Please RSVP on the Facebook Invite :  https://www.facebook.com/events/133601436814483/

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Suzannah B. Troy for Comptroller over Scott Stringer Any Day!!!!!!!

I have the flu but sickened to hear Scott Stringer has no challenger.

I have to get 20,000 signatures in 45 days but I am thinking of running because Scott Stringer is the tax payers black hole.   We the tax payers chauffeur him every where because he can't take a subway and we the tax payers have to pay for men not NYPD holding machine guns to guard his office?

Scott Stringer shame on you greeting New Yorkers with machine guns.  The Manhattan Borough President's office should be on the ground floor with an open door to the people.

Tell us how much those machine gun toting guards cost the tax payers?  You are not qualified to be comptroller and a poster boy for waste.  Get rid of the machine guns and take a subway.


I work 7 days a week exposing corruption and I am on YouTube with local 375 DC37 and Tish James standing outside SAIC's offices asking for our tax payer money back!!!!

The YouTube shows me asking for 1 billion dollars x 3 Rico (that's right just me but the bar way higher)  instead of the $450 million cash back we got back which was great but before anyone I have YouTubes stating we must not renew with SAIC.

I want to shame Scott Stringer and expose him as a fraud.

Go to the top of this blog and see my first YouTube on SAIC and CityTime.

Here is the YouTube where I say we must not renew with SAIC.  I was the only person to say this and the NY State Comptroller later agreed banning SAIC from any NY State and City Contracts!

Where was Scott Stringer?

Enjoying your tax payer money!!!

Ask him why no Trauma Level 1 hospital west village with a rape crisis center but instead his pal Bill Rudin's luxury condos.   Ask Scott Stringer how we can live without hospitals?
Can Rudin luxury condos do CPR?

Ask Stringer why he supported Columbia University eminent domain abuse!!!!

By the way Scott how is Columbia U doing honoring their agreement to help the community -- I hear lousy.

Scott Stringer should never be comptroller.

I want to bring attention to the fact Scott Stringer is not qualified and I would urge you to vote for anyone but him.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

17 yr old Jonathan from Despair to Miracles Charlotte, Music Teacher, Miracles and Simone Cowell

When I saw Jonathan with his Jimi Hendricks T shirt hiding behind his hair the way Janis Joplin would I had not idea I would hear what I can only describe as a voice one can only Thank G-d for ---  a voice touched by divinity -- angels....

Jonathan was bullied and in such a depression most of his life because of his body size he dropped out of high school.
Before he did his music teacher hooked him up with Charlotte who is a year YOUNGER age 16, yes he is 17 years old.

This is an amazing story.  I love Jonathan and you can see when he is first complimented he can't even smile -- his attempts at smiles are so alien -- he is so overcome his smiles are almost a grimace....

Charlotte is so positive, so upbeat --- she is the reason Jonathan was entered in this competition.  She is very smart because without him she would not be a sensation but without Charlotte he would not be a sensation.  I love them both and I bought two songs from their album  Prayer and Caruso which I have listened to over and over like a broken record -- hey we don't have the option of broken records anymore but his voice a miracle any era.

He has never been to an Opera.   I remember my first opera NYC Pavarotti what a thrill although when I saw him by Central park with lots of scarfs around his neck I wasn't wowed but he seemed very nice.

Watch the doc -- he gets to visit Italy and Pavarotti in spirt....  Jonathan is in shock right now and he may not go the route he really should beginning a rigorous opera training but now he loves life and People great him and cheer him bully free.

I would want both of them for my friends -- this is a great story of hope, love and friendship and yes Miracles do happen.....Simon Cowell is really winning in this.  I have come to really like Simon.

Documentary:  Watch Jonathan change transformed in to a happy person that beams.
He comes out from behind his hair and the transformation is so moving!!!!!!

Special note to Charlotte you are so beautiful and such sunshine do not change and do anything to alter your beautiful self.  You are so beautiful as you are.


John Liu Hero Called for Criminal Investigation in to ECTP 911 May 2012 Where is the criminal investigation?


Read this an in my opinion this is an intelligent and carefully understated press release like John Liu's press releases on CityTime.   Read CityTime 2 the press release that hints that HP was not alone in over billing us on ECTP aka 911 Tech System!!

Where is criminal investigation 911 John Liu called for May 2012.

911 bigger than CityTime crime where Mayor Bloomberg and puppet Quinn green lighted all this corruption and over billing while John Liu made history as comptroller fighting to stop the theft in my opinion a hero.

Quinn also did nothing to pressure Cy Vance to prosecute St Vincent's crooks because the Bloomberg administration did not want attention brought to Rudin acquisition.
Rudin big donor pushing Quinn as mayor!!!!

Just like St Vincent's Hospital Cy Vance did nothing and no politicians starting with Bloomberg and Christine Quinn who are given extra special treatment and protection by The New York Times who acts like Christine Quinn's campaign manager killing all damaging news so get ready for Voters statements when it comes to voting for mayor.  If you think Mike Bloomberg and the press
doing major spin got a major shock when Mike barely won I had predicted it almost 6 months before
and despite the fake press now on Quinn I am telling you she may barely win or not win at all
because either people do not know her or they are furious -- more angry at her than Mike Bloomberg and St. Vincent's is just one reason why.  She could have fought for protective zoning and St. did not.
We have no Trauma Level 1 Hospital, with AIDS are and a Rape crisis center but Rudin luxury condos and a Pipeline.

No investigation in to 911 which believe is bigger than CityTime crime.

Google Mayor Bloomberg yelled down CityTime and 911.
Publish Post
After I hung up with an FBI agent Aug 20th asking for help re: ECTP 911 and a criminal investigation I stumbled upon Mike Bloomberg at press conference.  The NYPD/NYC gov/ ? tried to remove my YouTubes based on NYPD's badge numbers and fyi they are public domain as if filming in the open streets of NYC.
Google YouTube sided with me.

Assault 155 spring st dr Fagelman receptionist

NYPD Probe Alec Baldwin Hate Crime How About Det. John Vergona Refusingto Answer If he is Anti-Semitic Is That Worth A Probe?


I am an waiting for Internal Affairs to investigate me being assaulted why. Det. John Vergona who refused to go to Dr. Fagelman's office to investigate me being assaulted.

Det John Vergona refused to use my video evidence  http://youtu.be/dh9TedhfthE
and go to the DA with the fact that Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks not only assaulted me but filed a false cross complaint.

Patient Rights listed on The NY Ear and Eye Infimary 14th Street Hospital  See number 3....that is just one patient right Delita Hooks violated.  I still do not know how she got my name since I was not her MD's patient.  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2013/02/dr-fagelman-delita-hooks-violated-my.html

The NYPD officers from the First Precinct that got Delita Hooks false complaint to investigate never contacted me to hear my side of the story and go over it.  Like Det. John Vergona these Detectives never met me.

Interesting huh -- shows you how corrupt the NYPD are unless you listened to Adrian Schoolcraft's tapes and than you hear straight from the mouths of the NYPD including Schoolcraft's commander and even Chief Marino how creative the NYPD can be when it comes to fixing crimes including makes crimes go away so they do not appear on the Precinct's statistical report just like me being assaulted almost blinded -- yes  I had to get laser surgery on my retina because as I stood there with a numb arm from having a cyst removed, holding a heavy bag, I had 2 bags on my left shoulder and my iphone Delita Hooks is on video at t the door she could have easily closed hitting me  -- than she takes off her shoes and runs as I made the mistake of backing up --- which gave her better speed to almost blind me.

She was not done.  She than grabbed my hair and yanked my head back pulling me which is when I took action to get her to stop which legally I am allowed to do.  I am allowed to defend myself.

Well after 2 weeks Det. John Vergona told me if I did not drop the charges or rather he yelled at me -- a woman who was a victim of assault at an MD's office ---- in  a neck brace going from MD to MD because I was having vision problems as well as severe neck problems....that he would arrest me immediately if I did not drop charges....

I agreed to be arrested immediately and told him a Judge would take one look at the video and throw out you arresting me and I will sue.

For those who know my smile and for those who are a victim of assault -- you know how bad it feels and how it affects you...I had chipped my front tooth so I called back Vergona and said I have a chipped tooth and a dentist appt so can I come at 3:00 to be false arrested instead of 130...This was Tuesday Oct. 16th.

Det John Vergona said no, I could not come at 3.  I would have to wait 4 days to Saturday. Come see me Saturday and I will arrest you. 

I asked why do I have to wait 4 days to be falsely arrested?

Arrest the Jew on the Sabbath? 

I asked Are you anti-Semitic?

He is a NYC gov employee on tax payer time and his answer NO ANSWER!

Have the hate crime unit investigate that.

The NYPD det squad in my opinion corrupt as hell.  Vergona started out with the goal to never investigate this.  The public member who took my complaint urged me to go back and call 911.  I refused because I have a collapsed bladder. I want to stay at the precinct to be by the bathroom and I felt safe.  I did not feel safe anywhere never 155 Spring Street.

The Public Member was right -- it went no where but it went worse than no where.  I lost my admiration for the NYPD and found first hand what I learned from Adrian Schoolcraft's tapes - that the NYPD fix crime to make crime go away.   Than they sell the lie crime is down which is Bloomberg's legacy just like CityTime crime and ECTP 911 a bigger crime than citytime are part of his legacy ---

Do I think Det John Vergona is an anti-Semite?  Yes.  I believe he had more than one bias against me and I was never going to get Justice.

Patients have rights --- -there are a list of Patient Rights and one includes a safe environment and Delita Hooks violated my patient rights menacing me, irrationally standing up berating me, waiting at the door to give me the finger.

Det. John Vergona was clueless because he never went to the office to even take a look let alone interview my MD and her medical asst who I had asked what's with her  signaling behind me Delita Hooks is following me and I found this alarming...

Dr. Vine's medical assistant would be come so alarmed she interrupted Dr. Vine to get her to bring her to me and Det John Vergona and the detectives that supposedly investigated Delita Hooks false complaint never interviewed them either.

Will the NYPD fix it so Alec Baldwin walks or unlike my case now that the press is watching the NYPD might not be able to use the "cross complaint" to make this go away.

I have never assaulted anyone in my life and I have video to prove that Delita Hooks violated my patient rights and used me as a human pinata.

Dr. Vine's medical asst and all the women sitting at the long desk by the examining rooms can verify Delita Hooks had come out from behind the desk and was following me.  Some may have even seen her shaking her head and mumbling to her self.

In the early1900s in NYC there were hotels that had signs "No Jews"  and my feeling when Det. John Vergona decided he was going to take a Jewish woman who was almost blinded --- he refused to meet me in person to see the blood above my eye, below my eye and in my eye, he refused to meet me in person and see the defense wound but in my opinion this anti-Semitie and that was not the only bias he had against me -- how about me blogging, how about me having the guts to speak out against Injustice including the NYPD Rape cops -- repeatedly asking from my blog when are they going to jail so Det. John Vergona was not going to do his job and investigate but he was going to hold me this Jew in jail for the weekend -- I had to wait until Saturday -- the Sabbath to spend what the weekend in Jail with a neck brace and an eye that had a hole in my retina....

I wait for Internal Affairs who is not 4 months with my case and has not interviewed me or Dr. Vine and her assistant.    Internal Affairs has not returned my calls but when I call I am told they are back logged.  Gee I wonder why.

The press has not picked up my story and perhaps that is because I ask over and over where is the criminal investigation in to ECTP 911 that John Liu asked for after his 2nd audit of 911 Tech System called ECTP -- the NYDN reported in May 2012 he asked for a criminal investigation.

Looks like Cy Vance did nothing and if Internal Affairs does their job finally and arrests Delita Hooks and punishes the Detectives involved starting with Vergona and ending with all supervisors that were alerted.

The 9 Precinct came in person to take Alec Baldwin's complaint but when I was begrudgingly given permission to report Delita Hooks filed a false complaint against me and Sgt Chen was first to admit I have a right to report a crime...he said come in lady.  Lady did not sound like a term of respect...

I audio taped me walking in to the precinct being turned away and being told I could not report a false complaint.   I spoke to a retired NYPD Captain and he said being turned away to report a crime -- egregious.

FYI:  The public member who told me this would go no where unless I went back to 155 Spring St was left alone as NYPD walked past us -- not one NYPD officer would pick up the phone as he took down my information.  The phones rang and rang just like they did when I called the First Precinct when I was assaulted and no on answered.

The NYPD has a mega budget and they can't figure out a system to get the phones answered or allow or require cops to assist if they hear phones ringing to not just ignore them.

Det. John Vergona was even worse and I believe he has all kinds of reasons to not be bothered to do his job and investigate me almost being blinded and treated like a human pinate by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager.  Does the evil MD who financed me almost being blinded by Delita Hooks running punch to my caught on video but the camera shakes and shuts off --- does Dr. Fagelman have friends in the NYPD like I am sure Alec Baldwin does.

Yes, I think Det. John Vergona is anti-Semitic but I also think he had more than one bias against me.

Originally he was not going to be bothered but when I would not be coerced in to dropping charges he was going to arrest the Jew on the Sabbath.  I want him to explain in court why he did not go to the office and interview everybody let like he told me he would.

I would like to know if he searched under her maiden and married name for any police record or did she do this before to other people who never bothered to go to the NYPD or the NYPD could not be bothered to investigate?

The NYPD do creative policing based on who you are.   Listen to Adrian Schoolcraft's tapes.

After Mike Bloomberg is out of office and Adrian Schoolcraft's trial is over -- if takes that long there will be a commission in to the NYPD and I will testify about Det John Vergona, his associates and supervisors did to me -- just like you hear Schoolcraft's commander turn away People he deemed unworthy of reporting a crime or the crime was not worthy of investigation yes I heard Schoolcraft's commander convince a woman not to report her Iphone being stolen.

NYPD Probe Alec Baldwin Hate Crime How About Det. John Vergona Refusing to Answer If he is Anti-Semitic Is That Worth A Probe?


I hand out Justice cards where ever I go asking People to watch the video and it says my famous quote
The NYPD stats are like a casino in Las Vegas, a numbers game -- the fix is in.

Alec Baldwin and Delita Hooks have caused a lot of suffering -- Delita Hooks way more for me and others and if they had just been courteous ---or just said thank you instead of their irrational rants than no harm done.

At least Alec Baldwin did not almost blind a medical patient there for medical care and at least Alec Baldwins' racism or turrets -- what ever that is was not taking the victim of his prejudice and trying to put her in jail for a weekend to punish me for not dropping charges.

I told IA via email I do not believe Det. John Vergona ever alerted Delita Hooks she had to turn herself in Oct. 20th.  I am guessing Vergona was only going to arrest the Jew who did not obey his wishes.  I would not take Delita Hooks violating my Patient Rights I would not take her abuse or Det. John Vergona.

By Oct. 20th with me vision problems worse, losing weight rapidly and in a neck brace I did give in. We never met or talked on the phone Ron Kuby handled the corrupt cops.

Det John Vergona -- my goal it so make you face me for the first time in court and explain to me why you never went to the office and interviewed the woman that violently assaulted me and "everybody".

Why the detectives that had her false complaint never called me.  You said you just learned about it Oct. 16th or 15th but I believe you knew about it earlier and agreed they were not to call me and you would use creative policing to make this go away.

Most of all I want you to answer the question under oath Are you anti-Semtic and why did I have to wait 4 days to be false arrested ?  Why?   I legally agreed to be falsely arrested Oct. 16 until the 20th when Ron Kuby called this cop who in my opinion is a corrupt prejudice dirt bag and his prejudices extend beyond anti-Semitism when it came to me -- I was not going to be treated fairly but victimized yet again.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks Violated My Patient Rights

Besides Delita Hooks almost blinding me with a running punch to my eye but first annoucing she would slap the crap out of me....you see she violated my patient rights to a safe environment when she menaced me and gave me the finger.  

Dr. Fagelman did not fire her so she was financed for all of the above --- paid to violate my right to a safe environment and than her attempt to quote her "slap the crap out of me".  

She caused serious damage to my body because I stood there like a human pinata and I need laser surgery to repair my eye.


Delita Hooks stood up like a creature from the Planet Rage screaming at me that I have no rights.  Who am I?

I actually have patient rights as well as civil rights and basic human rights.

The Eye and Ear Infirmary number  states:

Receive considerate and respectful care in a clean and safe environment free of unnecessary restraints

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/dh9TedhfthE?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Dr. Andrew Fagelman Soho 155 Spring St Leave Getting More Injuries 2 Yelp Reviews

Who ever heard of going to a doctor to get help and getting more injuries in the process?

Andrew Fagelman, MD  

Category: Internal Medicine
Neighborhood: SoHo
1.0 star rating
Not only did I wait at least an hour both times I visited this doctor, but also his staff was very unprofessional. Everything in the office was rushed and I didn't feel like I was getting personal care. Dr. Fagelman had no time to chat and he barely took the time to explain my symptoms and treatment. I was misdiagnosed the first time I saw him and had to return after becoming very ill. The second time, while a nurse was taking my blood, I fainted and fell off of the examining room table. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Not only did I suffer from a mild concussion after hitting my HEAD on the floor, but I also had a severe bruise on my arm for weeks afterwards where the needle was ripped out. There is no explanation for this except poor treatment by untrained staff. I am lucky my injuries were not more severe. Who ever heard of going to a doctor to get help and getting more injuries in the process? Dr. Fagelman was nowhere to be seen following this incident. I am not making this up. If you want serious and personal care from a professional, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Look up my yelp review:

Go and read the negative yelp reviews-- startling!!!!!!   Do you think Dr. Fagelman begged patients to write positive reviews?  Even one that calls him a great guy calls his office bipolar.  I would add in my opinion he is an evil piece of shit for not firing delita hooks and he financed her almost blinding me running punching me in the eye after taking off her shoes throwing them, yelling I will slap the crap out of you, ripping out  my hair and trying to kick me in the groin.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Henry M. Buhl Of Ace Sued 2012 Hello Ponzi 1970s?


Henry M. Buhl (shit) another big time fraud in my opinion -- he brags about ACE foundation helping People but acts like the Benevolent Plantation Owner of Prince St and when the NYPD First Precinct were not effectively cleansing the streets of Vendors he dropped illegal planters ---

Henry M. Buhl the Bernie Madoff of Prince St Sidwalks -- he made -off with their livelihoods and I caught it on video and when I ask Buhl about the Vesco money he tells me it is all returned.

Go to the link above and see the lawsuit from 2012.

Tell me is it Vesco related or just Vesco DeJa Vu?

FYI:  http://www.buhlfoundation.org/whoweare/henry-buhl-jr.php

Henry Buhl(shit) no relations to the real Buhl Foundation!

Henry M. Buhl Sued Same Henry Buhl Illegal Planters Used to Displace Veteran Vendors Karma is a Bomerang

Henry M. Buhl was named in Vesco law suits but I got tipped of and scroll down to see he is named in a fresh new law suit down in Florida --- maybe Karma for how he treated Veteran and Artist Vendors mostly all of People of Color he wanted wiped off of Prince St. so they wouldn't desire to make Prince St. in to Beverly Hills .  Like Mike Bloomberg he gets spin where he can.

Buhl-Shit -- is Henry Buhl being sued yet again Ponzi and Vesco haunts him 2012?
Ponzi scheme -- Vesco related?

Tell me is it Vesco related or just Vesco DeJa Vu? 


"MARK A. PIZZO, Magistrate Judge.
BEFORE THE COURT are the Receiver's motion to compel testimony (doc. 101) and Receiver's motion to compel and/or for an order to show cause as to why additional sanctions should not be imposed against Defendant for failure to comply with this Court's order dated March 2, 2012 (doc. 102). Both motions seek imposition of sanctions for Defendant's failure to comply with Court orders and discovery. The Receiver seeks to compel the Defendant to provide testimony and produce documents relevant to the Receiver's claims under FUFTA, Fla. Stat. § 726.101et seq., and for unjust enrichment to recover transfers of Receivership Entities' assets to Defendant.1 Specifically, the Receiver seeks documents relating to the Defendant's investment in Lancer Partners, L.P. from 1998-2000, which was found to be a Ponzi scheme and the subject of an enforcement action filed in 2005 by the SEC. Further, the Receiver seeks testimony concerning the Defendant's tenure as a senior executive and director of Investors Overseas Services ("IOS"), a large European-based investment fund company that collapsed in the early 1970's, and following its collapse, was sued by the SEC which sought injunctive relief for alleged violations of the anti-fraud, filing, and proxy provisions of federal securities laws. The Receiver asserts the requested testimony and documents are relevant to the issue of whether the Defendant, in light of his financial sophistication and professional investment background, should have recognized "red flags" associated with Nadel's scheme."


"Henry M. Buhl Founded One of Nation’s Most Successful Job Training, Placement Programs" 
see  above link for what in my opinion is spin and bullshit.... Buhl Shit.  

I have spoken to People who have been through the  "Ace" system and have no praise for Buhl.

Okay this in my opinion --- faux article   praises Henry M. Buhl and I beg to differ --- in my opinion Henry M. Buhl uses 'Ace Foundation" to act like the benevolent plantation owner of Prince St.

I caught one of his hired hands on video over-seeing the drop of illegal planters to display long term artists and Veteran Vendors because he did not want to walk out of his artist loft and see mostly People of Color but all People struggling to make an honest living cluttering his sidewalks.

A 6 month battle and I won.   I called in the illegal planters immediately to 311 and to Community Board 2 and just before Hanukah and Christmas the planters were removed...a holiday miracle -- usually rich get away with illegal actions here in NYC!  By the way what other perks does Henry Buhl shit get along with others using "ACE"?

Someone anonymously gave me a heads up  searching " Henry Buhl Ponzi Scheme " and I thought you are kidding -- this guy is so old and he looks like Anthony Hopkins in the Silence of the lambs -- 
is this about Vesco?  Henry Buhl was name in one or two Vesco law suits for those old enough to remember the Vesco scandals. I even caught in on video telling me all the Vesco Money was returned.

I think that is not true.

 But now there is the legal document dated from this past summer!

Looks like Henry Buhl is in trouble 2012 --- not Vesco law suit but a brand new one!!!!


HENRY M. BUHL, Defendant.

Case No. 8:10-cv-75-T-17MAP.

United States District Court, M.D. Florida, Tampa Division.

July 18, 2012.

Burton W. Wiand, as receiver for Valhalla Investment Partners, L.P.; Viking Fund, LLC; Viking IRA Fund, LLC; Victory Fund, LTD.; Victory IRA Fund, LTD., and Scoop Real Estate, L.P., Plaintiff, represented by Gianluca Morello, Wiand Guerra King, PL, Michael S. Lamont, Wiand Guerra King, PL &amp; Jared J. Perez, Wiand Guerra King, PL.
Henry M. Buhl, Defendant, represented by Kenneth Bryan Morgan, Morgan Associates, PLC, Pro Hac Vice &amp; William F. Jung, Jung &amp; Sisco, PA."

My YouTube telling the story -- with video evidence including Henry Buhl standing there as the illegal planters removed with a forklift....

I was told that his pals went to NYPD and told a lie the vendors showed up with bats.
Utter lie.  They never did and the NYPD know it and I have the photo in the video of
a dejected Henry Buhl -- a rich arrogant man  confident he is above the law --- having to over see the illegal planters by 
The Mercer Hotel being removed and along Prince St removed!  (There are NYPD good cops that are Veterans and they did not want to ticket Vets over inches as Buhl and The Mercer Hotel requested so Buhl dropped illegal planters!)


From Suzannah B. Troy 
I hope you whoop Henry M. Buhl's arrogant ass in court.

He deprived Veterans that served our Country of their livelihood
 and Women of Color, Artist Mothers the right to earn a living.
Henry M. Buhl is the Bernie Maddoff of Prince St. Sidewalks 
he made-off with Artist and Veteran's livelihoods and The Mercer Hotel and a few rich 
people that walk their designer dogs on Prince St. want to deprive Vendors
who have been there for years -- some decades the right to earn a living
and in a recession for middle and low income that is almost a depression.

FYI:  If OWS dropped those illegal planters --- the planters would have been removed but these illegal planters sat their for 6 months but We the Little People won thanks to DOT finally coming through for us!  I worked my guts out and we got lucky Greg Mocker WPIX did 2 segments.


Buhl and The Mercer Hotel would have the NYPD ticket them over inches....

Henry Buhl(shit) no relations to the real Buhl Foundation!

Thong with Bullet Casings Suzannah B. Troy Artist Website

Suzannah B. Troy Art Website Thong with Bullet Casings

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Suzannah B. Troy Artist With Miss Piggy Animal Sanctuary Photo by Derek Goodwin!


Miss Piggy in a mud bath --- she knew it was chic before Yuppies did!

Above link shows Ms Piggy as baby.....soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

http://derekgoodwin.smugmug.com/Sanctuary   Derek Goodwin very talented and photographs diverse aspects of live for two legged and 4 legged....here I am with my new acquisition!!!!!!!

This macbook photo does not do justice to Derek Goodwin's photo I now own with stunning color and details.
I love it so much I have the photo in bed with me  like a doll propped up...
Just make me smile and I love the details....imagine being in nature....

I love my photo and bought the indestructible version so I carry Ms Piggy with me -- just love her and the photo!!

Remember I saw the photos at Sustainable NYC?


Beautiful Photo by Derek Goodiwn!!!!!!!!!!

Bravo to The Animal Sanctuary..... maybe one day I may visit Miss Piggy but might get teary eyed.

xoxoxoxo Not Veg yet but I try to be and I do not eat anything that goes oink.  Try to be veg and dream to be vegan one day.

NYC 911 Tech Mess 2 billion + tax dollar We Can't Text 911


You know what the update is?

There is none!


May 2012 John Liu handed in audit of ECTP 911 Tech System (he dubbed CityTime 2 but FYI way bigger than CityTime crime -- where are talking a billion dollar over-run on a billion dollar project!!!!! That is 2 billion plus dollars ---14 million to NASA!!!!  I kid you not.

We cannot text 911 but is Mike planning on the NYPD to answer 911 calls on the moon!!!!!

Wake-up New Yorkers we were robbed!!!!!!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/6VhCCLj7SK0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


I do agree with Mike on styrofoam cups but other wise the guy is a fraud and should have resigned last year over CityTime, NYCAPS, ECTP 911 (biggest tax payer Titanic), FDNY Wireless, NYCWiNS, NICE, Board of Ed tech deals, Board of Election tech nightmares....

hey can anyone explain how a 50 million dollar swimming pool renovation McCarren park isn't money laundering....?   Thank you.....

Biggest abuse, theft EVER of Tax Payer MONEY  EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!