NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely violent receptionist Delita's running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest Oct 16 immediate than Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Saturday oct. 20, 2012 4PM IAB let him and his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE I am alleging fix, favors and retaliation -- please look at the first page -- it mentions HP tied to 911 Tech corruption as well as mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly free rides Air Bloomberg....http://www.scribd.com/doc/188752042/NYPD-Commissioner-Ray-Kelly-Charles-Campisi-DI-Ed-Winski-Lt-Agnes-Lt-Angelo-Burgos-IAB-Sgt-Mary-O-Donnell-Sgt-Chen-Det-Andy-Dwyer-Det-John-Ve

Monday, August 29, 2016

Judge Lynn Kotler Dismisses Cases Corrupt Accessory to NYPD Coercion?

Note:   Pileup of crimes started under mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly 1800 NYPD fix it  every way possible Bloomberg tried to shut down his critics team Bloomberg.
Judge Lynn Kotler Dismisses Cases Corrupt Accessory to NYPD Coercion?

Yes in Opinion no honor Lynn Kotler   she is a corrupt cop whoops it's 3:30 AM and you know what Oct 20 corrupt violent liar anti-Semitic misogynist Det John Vergona will be 4 years  that he is gotten away with openly coercing me and lyimg in police reports threatening me protected by every government agency possible except the public advocate and now 5 corrupt judges.  Let me clarify in my opinion and this is an opinion blog so I don't have to say that but the judges are corrupt.

If Lynn Kotler doesn't think she didn't do anything wrong  she won't mind me saying I hope it happens to her... FYI Lynn Kotler didn't say I was wrong. She said I didn't present my case and didn't serve most of the cops correctly.

(Note:   My mom is dying yet she won't give up so I have to go first thing this morning at two hour commute to get to her to take her to a heart doctor to see if her heart is strong enough to undergo surgery to remove: cancer by her liver.   I am tired and angry  I have to take a moment to say I'm really hoping karma gets everyone I'd like it to be ASAP but I know it can take as long is a 90-year-old Nazis being arrested so however long it takes that is my comfort what goes around comes around.)

 The supervisors would not meet with me from the detectives and corrupt coward DI Ed Winski.   Sergeant Chen  over the phone you were the one assaulted at the doctors.

 A cop told someone I know that they considered me a ball buster.   OK I get it the NYPD have no integrity to misogynist sexist correct and they're willing to break laws in there confident they'll be protected by corrupt internal affairs like the first precinct is dirty 30 their covered.  I interviewed the youngest of the dirty 30 he went to jail and he told me Internal Affairs protected him  keeping a tape recorder off and reading the questions he would be asked.    I'm guessing when FBI came in finally internal fares can no longer protect him.

 I will testify in front of a new commission to police corruption.

 Must really delight corrupt cops  that women judges are letting these misogynist corrupt cops off but those who laugh I'll have the last laugh because I believe Karma will get them all What goes around comes around.    My goal  to continue to pursue justice as well as to testify in front of the new commission any U.S. Senate anyplace anywhere about what NYPD coercion threatening me lying in police reports  protecting the doctors office who lied to the police during an open investigation a serious crime as well second-degree assault menacing a false cross-complaint Delita Hooks of Dr Andrew Faglman's who  did not fire his violent lying receptionist and didn't have to because the NYPD did them a favor didn't they.

 People from all over the world to have looked at that video in the medical community and they're on my side and they know that the police threatening coerced me.
"Nothing stays hidden forever"  David Lynch.  Comforts me re violence lies Dr Andrew Fagelman's Delita Hooks violence lies #NYPD IA lies

Ray Kelly's Appellate Lawyer in front of 3 Judges Aug 21, 2015 admits understandable I feel aggrieved put my constitutional rights were in violated when in fact they were!
Please help go viral to shame MD, my , NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you.

Call 1-800 NYPD IA DA Fixit hotline

 When I think of everybody involved in the corruption in my case everyone and then deposit the paycheck after they commit a crime or than accessory to crimes violence and lies it's pretty shocking. America is no longer great country  but completely corrupt and going down the toilet.  Look at that youtube...

 Just like corrupt cops  police commissioners corruption they do terrible wrong and desposit their pay checks --  they put it in their pocket.

Judge Kotler was so insincere -  she said a Latin word to me I no idea what she was saying do you know what she was saying state my name.    I'm pro se  and she didn't have the decency to be real.  Who is part of her sadistic phoniness.  In appealate court  the judges were nice and also pretended to listen to me but they didn't throw around words that I couldn't understand.

.   I don't believe the judge Lynn even read my lawsuit she couldn't be bothered because coercion was right there and there is nothing morass about Coercion.

 Judges and NYPD Internal Affairs  and agencies they are supposed to police are so corrupt it's called the injustice system and the city may be on the verge of riots because people cannot get justice.

 NYPD coerced me coward corrupt violent liar Det John Vergona coercing me lying in police reports Verbally violently threatening me over the phone he and everyone in the detective squad hidtheir identities from me like Ku Klux Klan members I still don't have badge numbers I still don't know what their partners look like.

 When 1 Police Plaza refused service for retired corrupt liar Det John Vergona  I finally found him on Facebook -- and  I saw detective Andy Dwyer  is his Facebook friend along NYPD corrupt evil PO Eugene Schatz  first cop I ever reported to Internal Affairs two years before I was coerced -- I reported Schatz for also being threatening using his squad car illegally the sirens  being verbally aggressive shouting at me and lying to me as he did so telling me the Mercer Hotel they can park in there loading and unloading zone.    The retaliation was years in the making and the only way for now I can have Justice as knowing they will all get their karma.

I am guessing that the partners at the corrupt detectives are also facebook friends.   I don't have the badge numbers I don't know with the cops look like including top brass inside internal affairs just know Karma will get them.

There is a higher court.

 Ray Kelly and Charles campsi service but the rest of the cops so corrupt and cowardly including deafening inspector and Winski to corrupt and guilty to except service hid behind his employee who did except service.   I spent close to $2000 with a professional company that serves people process server so it's hard for me to believe that I didn't serve them and I didn't serve them properly but I had the top two cops except service I asked for an extension in time if there's any confusion on who was served properly and who was in our and the judge would not allow me.

She said I didn't make my claims and the same for my oral argument except that she's a liar because I sat there in front of her or rather she had people stand the lawyer asked her  could she said and the sadistic judge said no you have to stand like she got off on it.

 I made it clear I was coerced that was an important very understandable reason we were there.   Morass or a corrupt judge?   Do you know what my answer is.

If only one day Lynn Kotler may behind herself in my position...

Judge Allison Nathan  let a corrupt retired NYPD officer last name Dwyer like one of the corrupt detectives in my case off the hook no jail time.  I hope that she and her wife their privacy is violated the way this corrupt retired cop Dwyer  violated her privacy rights of people by bribing an NYPD Sgt.

 Great news I found with corrupt people is they think it could never happen to them.

 Corrupt evil sadistic monsters like 90-year-old Nazis thought they could get away with hiding right here in the US and they were caught so it just takes a lot of patience for karma to land.

 I hope what I tell you next about Lynn Kotler's her crazy court clerk Corp counsel call Lorraine goes in TV shows and films because it really underscores corruption inside courts and how crazy and backward and dishonest NY courts can be.

Note Judge Lynn Kotler  has the most psycho clerk that corporate counsel calls Lorraine.   In my opinion I think she's mentally ill  with zero integrity and I'll tell you why.   My first time meeting her there was no court officer meeting a court police person in the room the room was completely empty no judge to lawyers had just walked in and sat in the very back row  the two seats closest to the door  as if she was a violent pit bull with  rabies.

 I walked in and everyplace I stood Lorraine  screams at me was the wrong place to be standing what was the subtext if I was going to be subtitles you don't belong here  ---  lawyers looked at me with sympathy then I went and I stood by them and I took out my phone to write something down in my notes and she screamed and yelled at me again to put the cell phone away.

 Whenever the judge or a court officer is in the court she keeps the volume down she doesn't scream and yell.   I'm another occasion before the court officer came in and there was no judge she screamed and yelled at lawyers that wanted to sit in the jury box because there was almost no room in the skinny 2 rows  in the small court room as if  The courthouse knows she's a lightweight I couldn't even get my handicapped mother in that room it's ridiculous.  Judge Lynn Kotler's  Clerk Lorraine  yelled at them that they couldn't sit there.

 On another occasion lawyers talked about sitting there because there was no room and I warned them don't do it or she'll scream and yell at you!

 The lawyers took my advice.

 I filed an emergency motion one of the motions was to ask that Judge Lynn Kotler give my case to the US Attorney.

 I walked in and I really didn't want to be there because there was no court clerk it without that the judge's clerk can just act crazy - but on this occasion  she behaved herself.   She said when do you want a date I said I'd like it right now or soon as possible    Lorraine  said come back tomorrow morning.    I said I can't my mother is really ill I have to go visit her I can't get back to the court until about 330 the next day.

 I came the next day after spending time with my mother who is dying and she is even cried about the fact she know she's dying and she doesn't understand why she's dying the way she's dying - Lorraine  acting like a mentally ill psycho looked up and said Why are you here?

  I told my friends what a cruel person she knew why I was there and she was just telling me I shouldn't be there.

 I believe G-d sees all  which is in an email that I sent the anti-Semitic corrupt misogynist Det John Vergona --  I mentioned  Holocaust - in the email about him false arresting me on the Sabbath  and an appellate court he had Jonathan Popolow lie about  many things including the fact he knew I was Jewish.

Believe Karma will get each person and there are people whose names I don't have and I believe Joe Tacopina and I wonder if it was his friend George Vomit  is the other lawyer who used to sock puppet account that was party to witness tampering and threatening me during an open investigation?   This repeatedly threatened even buy my attacker in a signed letter to her NYPD fixers I believe Karma will get every person involved in the violence and lies including judges that you fixing favors for corrupt cops.   In my opinion Judge Kotler and Judge Allison Nathan  cowardly judges owned by the corrupt NYPD.    One judge an entire country had the courage to say she wasn't going to go along with this and she took her case and she forwarded it  to take action against police.

 Judge Lynn Kotler  and my motions including to give my case the US attorney in so many words she said she's not obligated to See something Say something.  

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Alchemist's Kitchen Plant Based Cafe w/ Herbal Pharmacy

The Alchemist's Kitchen Plant Based Cafe w/ Herbal Pharmacy including intravenous drips of nutrients and hydration.

Session: Range in store  to in home $199 to $349 which includes nurse.
Nutri drips plus joy juices -- the east village has radically this "feel good" is all legal!!!!

Botanical plant medicines are at the heart of their mind blowing elixirs blended with farm to table Colombian coffee create a synergistic healing effect. They also offer delicious vegan savory bites meaning small sizes.  I had an almond peach muffin with delicate pieces of almonds and sunflower seeds.   I could really enjoy taste and texture this little masterpiece without grossly over eating because the muffin was not "standard American size.

Coffee is hand made so this is not for coffee lovers in a rush - each pour over cup is made to order.

Note - on the shelf there is ghee and honey.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Suzannah Troy Wearing J. Crew Elephant Bracelet Fund Raiser For Kenya's Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

J. Crew Elephant Bracelet Fund Raiser For Kenya's Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage fighting the extinction violence destruction of Elephants

Despite the violence lies from dr Andrew Fagelman's to the NYPD and Internal Affairs -- the weight gain,,, my Mom's severe illness Parkinson's and stage 2 o r 3 colon cancer --- getting this bracelet to help the David Sheldrick Orphanage is an uplift -- I am much heavier and so exhausted chronic long term insomnia but this photo just the right angel angle makes me look good and appears to turn back the clock.

A smile can do that.

I have a little black elephant painted on my nail....

I love elephants -- they are so intelligent and so loving and have been so grotestsely mistreated here in the USA and around  the world.  It must stop.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wikipedia Page on Suzannah B. Troy Censorship Google YouTube Channel Restored 48 hours later political censorship -- today Wikipedia returns Wikipedia PDF 6 years as Cyber Wikipedia cyber vandalism misogynist attack, than censorship was it Joe Tacopina, the NYPD or Team Bloomberg?

Wikipedia Page on Suzannah B. Troy Censorship Google YouTube Channel Restored 48 hours later political censorship -- today Wikipedia returns  Wikipedia PDF 6 years as Cyber Wikipedia cyber vandalism misogynist attack, than censorship

After the page was attacked by a misogynist cyber vandal -- all the bits on Joe Tacopina, Chad Seigel and the NYPD rape cops were removed so Joe Tacopina -- the man I believe is guilty of witness tampering me and using a sock puppet account may have been behind the cyber attack and deletion as you know I am guessing he broke a series of laws after I was attacked at Dr Andrew Fagelman -- I allege joe tacopina called me confrontative cunt -- threatened to BURY me DESTROY me and see the tables turned on me which is what NYPD Det John Vergona did -- it was a pile up of crimes from Dr Andrew Fagelman's to the First Precinct to Internal Affairs and 1 police plaza.


It should be noted Wikipedia has put in not rules and ways to fight cyber vandalism that are not in play 6 years ago when I was the victim of a cyber vandal misogynist attack.

My guess is someone associated with Mike Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg, Joe Tacopina,  NYPD, NYPD at their desk 1 police plaza are involved directly or indirectly in having the page deleted.  We have evidence straight from cuckoo Michael Rawson of Mercer Hotel infamy he admits trying to have my youtubes about him removed just an example, and there is crazy violent Barbara Ricci  who NYTimes author calls a fabricator of negative stories see below.  Ricci pretends she is a news outlet Westchester News -- I don't think she did the cyber vandalism or was party to the  deletion but she clearly was obsessed with me and she messed with the page although who knows if she has more than one account which is against Wiki rules and several attacks prior deletion were fake accounts and two were deleted if I recall correctily.

Barbara Ricci is the westchester news — she adds some inane posts and she also may have more than 1 wiki account — she is a mentally sick person and not a news outlet

below is the NYTimes article CRIME SECTION on Babara Ricci a cyber stalker but I don't believe she was involved in the deletion and misoygnst cyber attack.  Read what the NYTimes reporter  Raymond Hernandez who is now in the Washington bureau has to say about her.

Raymond Hernandez December 23rd, 2010 at 12:30 pm
Here’s a story detailing some of Barbara Ricci’s alleged criminal history…..she did plead guilty to harassment re: the uniformed police officer she hit.

Barbara Ricci was written up in the CRIME SECTION OF THE NY TIMES FOR BEING ARRESTED FOR  TRYING TO RUN OVER HER NEIGHBORS DAUGHTER AND FOR HITTING A POLICE OFFICER AT A PTA MEETING.  Barbara Ricci is a liar but Mr Hernandez uses the term "fabricate" negative stories.  No one sues her because she is crazy, violent and she has no money.

Raymod Hernandez December 23rd, 2010 at 8:16 pm
Mrs Ricci, let me remind you that you cannot fabricate negative stories about people and post in a public forum. While I am aware that you are a pauper, you are still held to the laws of liability. Raymond Hernandez

The Mount Vernon Police office was named Michael Pelliccio, he was punched and kicked by Barbara Ricci during a school board meeting in 1993 and he had to go to the hospital.
Barbara Ricci pled guilty to harassment in that case. Sadly rather than thank her lucky stars that she did not get a criminal conviction she seems angry at the world in that case.
She did go to trial in the case of endangering a child in 1995 according to David Alper of the Mount Vernon Assistant District Attorney’s office at the time. I guess the child was 11 and the name of the mother of the child was Anna Merck.
It’s true that Ricci was not found guilty but that was after two trials, and in the second she refused to take the stand and testify. I guess it’s hard to convict on an incident where it’s not filmed. Again, rather than thank GOD she didn’t go to jail Ricci seems hell bent on attacking Pirro for some strange reason. Pirro had zilch to do with the case I’m sure.


Raymod Hernandez December 23rd, 2010 at 8:16 pm
Mrs Ricci, let me remind you that you cannot fabricate negative stories about people and post in a public forum. While I am aware that you are a pauper, you are still held to the laws of liability. Raymond Hernandez

She is of course described as a bigot. Anyone surprised?

an old neighbor of Mrs. Fruitcake December 24th, 2010 at 4:31 pm
Barbara Ricci has been bizarre for many years. Her husband has been faking a disability so he does not have to work and they live in gov’t subsidized housing. Again, facts that are public record. Perhaps the IRS & DSS should look into their “profitable website?”

Wikipedia  Page Suzannah B. Troy 6 yrs after Misogynist Cyber Vandalism, Censorship via Deletion on a page about Censorship, Wikipedia Agrees to return PDF before Cyber Vandalism and Deletion

Wikipedia Page on Suzannah B. Troy deleted but first Misogynist Vandal Attacked page was it NYPD 1 Police Plaza, Joe Tacopina, Team Bloomberg or others connected to those I criticized on my blog -- they successfully censored a page on censorship that talked about mayor bloomberg, NYPD Rape Cops and Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Misogynist hate in court directed at NYPD rape cops Victim

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Internal Affairs Protected Call a Cop for Soho First Precinct Under DI Ed winski The Mercer Hotel PO Eugene Schatz to Coercion down the street with PO Gene Schatz's FB friends Det John Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer

Internal Affairs Protected Call a Cop for Soho First Precinct Under DI Ed winski The Mercer Hotel PO Eugene Schatz to Coercion down the street with PO Gene Schatz's FB friends Det John Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer

NYPD IA crimes inspired NYPD App tracker on top of the call for a new Commission police NYPD IA DA corruption.


.@PreetBharara .@NYPDChiefofDept .@CommissBratton .@FBI FBI clueless how corrupt Internal Affairs is or party3crime http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/07/internal-affairs-protected-call-cop-for.html?m=1

@LorettaLynch FBI clueless how corrupt Internal Affairs is or party2crime http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/07/internal-affairs-protected-call-cop-for.html?m=1 Eric Garner hand written lawsuit 8 yrs ago

Internal Affairs Protected Call a Cop for Soho First Precinct Under DI Ed winski The Mercer Hotel PO Eugene Schatz to Coercion down the street with PO Gene Schatz's FB friends Det John Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer for Dr Andrew Fagelman a pile up of crimes Delita Hooks 2nd degree assault, false cross complaint, threatened me  in a signed letter to the NYPD to her NYPD fixer and my guess Joe Tacopina drafted it  as well as my guess he did the sock puppet YouTube account identifying himself as a lawyer threatening to bury me destroyed me if I took any action he would see the tables turned on me that's also a serious crime as is lying to the police during an open investigation as well as threatening intimidating a victim telling them not to come forward .

 Lying to the police during open investigation  is still a crime even if the NYPD are lying in police reports which they did and if Dr. Fagelman was party to coercion, having me threatened, party  to his employees lying, party to threats than he has committed a series of crimes as well.

Internal Affairs lied to me repeatedly when Bratton but the Public Advicate at that time de Blasio  documents that it was an open case and I have a foil report.

There are more FB friend party to the coercion including PO Eugene Schatz's partner Det Tommy Moran.

The blue wall of silence protected by top cops and chiefs in Internal Affairs and IA repeatedly LIED to me even telling me it was not a police matter!

Internal Affairs also protected NYPD top cops taking GRAFT lavish gifts on 911 from top contractors stealing delivering late, delivering crap and a flawed system jeopardizing the safety of this City!!!

The Mercer Hotel & Michael Rawson Protest - Part 5 PO Schatz rushed over using his siren to get here you can see the clock says 12:20 and we have ended the protest but Schatz acts like his is on the Mercer Hotels speed dial 

http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2010/11/mercer-hotel-michael-rawson-protest.html Here is the link to the video of NYPD PO Eugene Schatz using his sirens illegally to rush to get to our protest to stop harassing Veterans!

This woman NYPD officer was in the car the first time PO Schatz the first time he used his vehicle like a weapon on behalf of The Mercer Hotel - we he barked at me aggressively they can park there and she would have to lie under oath about his rushing with his sirens which is a violation -- there was NO EMERGENCY and I want to know what else she witnessed and knows about PO Eugene Schatz.  From the Mercer it goes worse with PO Eugene Schtaz's FB friends Det John VERGONA and Det Andy Dwyer willing to send me a message.

NYPD PO Eugene Schatz  illegally used his sirens and she can verify it as well as the other incident I reported to Internal Affairs and it was caught on the VM I left for IA but IA has been covering up for them all but SCHATZ"S facebook friends took it much further Dr Andrew Fagelman who is down the street from The mercer hotel.

NYPD Det John VERGONA breaking the laws coercion, threatening me, lying in polce reports ---  NYPD retaliation starts here with The Mercer Hotel down the street from Dr Andrew Fagelman.


I have video evidence I wasn't going to be quiet about NYPD PO Schatz's wrong doing involving the Mercer Hotel and here with Delita Hooks she gave me the finger -- the video starts with me asking her to please give me the finger again because now I am filming.

Schtaz NYPD det facebook friends involved in coercion sent me a message to keep my head down and I was to take what ever they were going to dole out including coercing and lying I have a videos and photos of Schatz harassing and or illegal parking or violating CPR and illegally using his sirens so this was pay back fixing if for Dr Andrew Fagelman who did not want to fire Delita Hooks.  Dr Fagelman blames me for Delita HOOKS violating my patient rights and my body making a hole in my retina and the corrupt NYPD IA blame me for NYPD coercion lying so they are willing to cover up like Zachary Carter but a New Commission in to police corruption can finally get them all exposed for what they did to me.

I have to go thru the videos -- I have to find the one where NYPD PO Eugene Schatz illegally uses his sirens to harass me and United States Veterans I organized a protest for because Schatz's friends at the Mercer Hotel have him on speed dial perhaps so he can get invited to fancy events -- Preet Bharara thinks NYPD only do fixing and favors for money not parties or power trips like my case and Schatz and his partner Det Tommy Moran who wouldn't answer my question about it via facebook I believe all party to coercion -- they went to the First Precinct's designated bar and even had a good laugh like Dwyer and Vergona's supervisor laughed over the phone Delita HOOKS had given me the finger and than tried to beat me to a pulp -- see a common thread?

Sgt Chen laughed and said over the phone you were the one assaulted at the doctor's.

Yes and I believe Dr Fagelman called up just like the Mercer hotel down the street and Internal Affairs under Ray Kelly and Bratton have been covering up and corrupt Zachary Carter and his lawyers are using white out like in the nursing home they are blacking out the truth -- just like Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit and indictment of the NYPD crimes and wrong doing have bene blacked out.

I will post videos of Schatz's violating CPR and protocol illegally using his sirens rushing get to a 20 minute protest  because Vet Vendors couldn't afford to be away from their tables any longer than 20 minutes and Ray Kelly a veteran Bratton a Veteran protected all these NYPD not Veterans that harassed us and than up the stakes of retaliation to violate protocol and than break the law.

Bratton says the crack addict calling NYPD po social media doesn't represent the NYPD but doesn't it..http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/07/zachary-carter-must-be-fired-corp.html

they are employees and it seems like groups of NYPD unite on facebook and in my case their Facebook pages hold clues to the coercion, lying in police reports like Schatz is the catalyst for his facebook friend's to refuse to meet me and lie in police reports and commit the crime of coercion to teach me a lesson for Schatz who FB page photo is the finger...my guess more clues but NYPD and Internal Affairs are protecting him and will until I get a new Commission and my goal to bring them in and question them under oath.  I am trying to do that now in NY State Supreme Court by Zachary Carter is doing his criminal dirty deeds just like the nursing home. 

Schatz has pictures of Tony Bennet again -- the NYPD will do fixing and favors to be invited to parties and events by the rich they do fixing and favors for so is that how he got that picture.

Are these fellow NYPD who know about 1800 NYPD fix it?

I am a victim of a pile up of crimes from Dr Andrew Fagelman's to the First Precinct Det Squad and NYPD PO Eugene Schatz's facebook page holds clues.

I have been working on uploading the videos of Schtaz harassing me and US Veterans -- again Schtaz I am guessing along with all the corrupt cops in my case that are his facebook friends are not veterans. 
I will post the link soon.

I want to know who are these men and if they know anything about NYPD fixing and favors?

I demand Justice my case.

Schatz inspired the NYPD app tracker and via the app that will some be reality fellow victims can find each other.  The NYPD covered up his wrong doing along with Vergona and Dwyer and the NYPD can thank them and NYPD Sgt Chen and Lt Burgos all cowards who never met me and lied and are still having their lawyers lie saying they did an investigation -- they did not they commited crmies or were party to committing crimes coercion lying in police reports.

I want to know who are these men and do they know about NYPD fixing and favors as well as retaliation.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Zachary Carter, Bratton, de Blasio NYPD Crimes but Nursing Home undoes a...



FYI Dept of Investigation is still covering up Bloomberg administration corruption starting with 911 tech corruption biggest crime EVER NYC gov and Scott Stringer brokered very corrupt deal with Hewlett Packard to help do damage control but helped robbed NYC tax payers as well and protected lobbyists etc but the system was crap because they delivered late and delivered crap.

Oh FYI James Cappalino St Vincent's Hospital Rudin Blood condos -- -coudn't contain his greed...

Cy Vance protected the Rudin Blood condos just like the crooks 911 tech and NYPD graft as well as NYPD crimes my case...let's see how this plays out  because Cy Vance didn't recuse himself mark guma...

I am one of many People calling for a special prosecutor...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

NYT 1 yr Black Out Eric Garner Hand Written Lawsuit


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bride to Be Central Park first w/ Mom and than the look of love that Moment

Bride to be Central Park w/ Mom See Look of Love About to be Married

I took these weeks ago but I am so busy with suing the City of NY and the NYPD and Internal Affairs and the doctor where I was savagely attacked...these are part of many photos I take but don't always get to publish.

What is stunning is the before moments waiting with her proud Mom and than the Mom as she transition to married -- look at the look of love.  Central Park....

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thabo Sefolosha has the mayor of NYC NYPD haven't apolgoiezed not corp counsel selling lies?

.@ThaboSefolosha Thabo mayor of NYC NYPD haven't apolgoiezed not corp counsel selling lies?http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/06/alex-spiro-star-lawyer-nba-star-thabo.html  Sounds like my case!

Thabo: I guess you aren't mayor Bill de Blasio's Black Son, either was Eric Garner, and so many others.....

Thabo you and I are lucky to be alive but what blows my mind is the NYPD, Internal Affairs, dirty DAs and lawyers paid by tax payers aka corp counsel are lying and lying ....if only the People got to vote and even better we Got JUSTICE!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NYPD Crimes Lawyers my case #NBA Star Thabo

Catherine Papandrew Corp Counsel Liar or Lawyer?

Catherine Papandrew Corp Counsel Liar or Lawyer?

Your tax dollars defending NYPD crimes internal affairs crimes...

I want Zachary Carter  and everyone involved to have to answer questions in front of a new commission to please corruption groundbreaking commission that holds lawyers DAs corporate counsel internal affairs and every agency has failed New Yorkers accountable.

 If we can't get it in a public forum then we can take it online with databases and exposes it's got to be stop somehow it's got to be exposed fully for worldwide audience.

 In my opinion  this is an opinion blog as you all knowCatherine Papandrew  is a liar and Carmas going to get her --  you lied in my Pinyan in front of a judge and above  judge it says In G-D we Trust.

 This liar  or Lawyer whatever you want to call  Catherine Papandrew  said I wasn't coerced there wasn't any proof I was coerced and the judge wouldn't let me respond but I had already mentioned that the civilian complaint review board makes you sign a form yes I'm dropping charges and yes I want to make it clear I was not coerced but not the police department.

 I'm suffering from posttraumatic stress but right now as I sit outside the courthouse I pray everybody involved in the violence in life gets some their karma.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Game of Thrones Season 6 Ends My Guess as Tues my GoT nyc

I am in court Tuesday Game of Thrones suing the NYPD 100 percent guilty and it looks every which way surprise they get away with murder. So what do I do...hang in there as long as possible -- left a huge trail.....I think of Concentration Camp Victims and there efforts to get the truth out and the fight for Justice on going even now.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Ends My Guess as Tues my GoT nyc

Fun from YouTube some of the cast - I love Brianne, Sanza, Liam....

Preet Bharara Pretending NYPD 1-800 NYPD fix it Brings city another step closer to rioting

Preet: what are you going to do when there riots on the street because the NYPD do fixing in favors and you were extremely selective when in reality it came from the very top Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton fixing in favors internal affairs  was involved including my case 1800 NYPD fix it.  At some point the city will be a victim of rioting because for too long the agencies that should've done something failed us completely and let the NYPD get away with murder literally and figuratively
http://nypdnewcommission.blogspot.com/2015/10/corrupt-nypd-det-vergona-coerced-me.html?m=1  Who is John Verga -- and why does he put a house in trust for NYPD Det John Vergona.   Later John Vergona's wife it appears takes out a mortgage.   Vergona earns under 100 thousand a year and has at least 1 large house in Staten Island.

The first time I witnessed 1800 NYPD fix it was for The Mercer Hotel.  The Mercer Hotel had Det JOHN Vergona's facebook friend NYPD PO Eugene Schatz on speed dial.  Schatz was later "promoted" to community affairs my guess to better service as in 1800 NYPD fix it the rich folks of Soho.

I also call it 1800 NYPD Internal Affairs DA fix it which happened in my case.

The city is quiet - it make take another homicide  but this is the direction we are currently heading because corruption is systemic it goes all the way to the very top internal affairs is involved in protecting it just like my case.

.@nypost Bharara call a cop v I've handed out 10k cards 1800NYPD fix it http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/06/preet-bharara-pretending-nypd-1-800.html?m=1 future riots Preet pretends not systemic?

 To hear Preet talk about calling cops in his press conference that's exactly what happened in my case there's no doubt about it and fixing in favors even continued on protecting the cops that broke the law  and I have a letter in federal court proving it I'm to have to Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi the chief of internal affairs. 

I handed Ray Kelly my card my Justice card that says the NYPD fix crime like a Las Vegas casino I handed it to him in front of City Hall as I walked into go testify that we need a criminal prosecution of 911 tech cru I handed Ray Kelly my card my Justice card that says the NYPD fix crime like a Las Vegas casino I handed it to him in front of City Hall as I walked into go testify that we need a criminal prosecution of 911 tech crooks.   I handed my card to NYPD chief chuck Dowd who unbeknownst to me, was excepting lavish gifts  from tech contractors and consultants that were over billing as much is 600% delivering late and delivering crap  danger in all our lives with their greed and stupidity and the NYPD we're charging a toll  so to speak to get away with it!   Mayor Bloomberg and his puppets and city Council including Christine Quinn protecting all this criminal wrongdoing along with Preet and corrupt DA Cyrus Vance - Rose Gill Hearn and now Mark Peters aka Bill de Blasio's campaign finance guy.

 I hands of the card to Ray Kelly coercion is a crime that I was coerced  that it's at 1-800 NYPD fix it -- and what is Preet Bharara and Loretta Lynch going to do? Nothing.  Cy Vance 100  percent guilty on the 911 tech her option case and my case he protected NYPD coercion lying in police report like  he protected Goldman Sachs another top banks involved in the Wall Street implosion and he falsely prosecuted a Goldman Sachs programmer why because Goldman Sachs requested it just like guess who called that the Manhattan DA Cy Vance and asked that  Jeffrey Epstein sex predator status be lowered said Jeff could fly all over the place and not have to register.

Front cover  Federal lawsuit it says the NYPD fix crime stats like a Las Vegas casino -- it sure feels like Judge Allison Nathan fixed it for the NYPD in my case just like she fixed it for a retired cop who is bribing NYPD Sgt so he could access  databases he shouldn't of been accessing but  judge Nathan also fixed it for Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg - Bloomberg administration didn't she?   I should've asked her if she is friends if she goes out with Christine Quinn she and her wife got with Christine Quinn and her wife or meet at functionS  should've asked her to recuse herself if so.

 The NYPD fix crime like a Las Vegas casino is on the front page of my motion not dismiss my case.

Ray Kelly Rivals Bratton Fixing Crime My lawsuit front page NYPD Fix Crime Stats Like Las Vegas Casino

Photos of Delita Hooks Prove She, NYPD Det John Vergona LIED

Detective John Vergona lied in police reports verbally violently threatened me over the phone because the corrupt evil coward would not meet me and I was not able to get his badge number either because corrupt NYPD hide their identities like klu klux clan members.  Det John Vergona was going to false arrest me with a hole in my retina and cervical damage from Delita Hooks grabbing my hair after a running punch to my left eye repeatedly yanking my arthritic neck trying to pull me down the hall by my hair trying to pull me to her as she tried kicking me and when she failed repeatedly to kick me the groin she pressed her barefoot against me.

I finally found a Det John Vergona who said on his facebook page he lives in Manhattan but I checked it a FB friend who confirmed he lives on Staten Island and his other FACEBOOK Friends are Det Andy Dwyer Delita Hooks evil corrupt Detective who participated in lying in police reports and the threats and coercion directed at me including Delita Hooks signed letter to the NYPD threatening me and how I found Det John Vergona to serve him in NY State Supreme court since 1 Police Plaza refused service for retired Det John Vergona is the fact he is married to Susan Balzan Vergona so I was able to track him down and have a process server serve him at his home in Staten Island but the biggest shock was seeing his and Andy Dwyer's faces and see they are facebook friends with NYPD PO Eugene Schatz and his partner Tommy Moran.  Schatz was the first cop I reports to internal affairs and just a few blocks from where I was attacked.  I left a message for Det Tommy Moran that Schatz is bad and the next morning I got an email with a fake account telling me I am a bad artist and gay bashing me.


HE TOLD ME IT WAS EVEN STEVEN and if I did not drop the charges he would
4 Judges Have Not Looked at the YouTube of Delita Hooks Savage Assault and Det John Vergona and Delita Hooks Lies

These photo grabs are going in my motion to not dismiss so a 5 judge can whoops can't pretend the NYPD did not commit a series of crimes along with Delita Hooks and ANYONE THAT LIED to the NYPD during the course of an open investigation -- anyone behind the scenes involved in retaliation.

The City is asking my case be thrown out on a technicality but I am prepping a motion that will finally not make it easy for judges to not look at the evidence.

Four Judges never looked at the video and listened to the audios proving the NYPD violated my rights and also broke the law including coercion and lying in police reports.  Besides coercion Det John Vergona was verbally violent and yelled at me YOU ARE GOING TO DROP THOSE CHARGES (not it was plural charges) OR I AM GOING TO ARREST YOU!.

The defense lawyer in Federal Court handed in some police reports not understanding they incriminated her clients proving my case underscoring the NYPD lied and Internal Affairs as guilty protecting the corrupt NYPD and Delita Hooks who both lied during an open investigation so both Delita Hooks and the NYPD and Internal Affairs lying including in written documents like Delita Hooks SIGNED letter openly threatening me to her corrupt NYPD fixer are serious crimes.

A list of Det John Vergona's lies are here but clearly you can hear Delita Hooks threatened me with bodily harm to slap the crap out of me as she violently gestures and I back away as she repeated hits me -- you can see the KEYS coming at me as she strikes me and than she switches hands and strikes me with the iPhone and than she throws her shoes and later after I told her not to touch my body she presses her barefoot against my groin touching my vagina -- if a man did that that would be sexual assault -- the most shocking disturbing parts of her attack including threatening me with bodily harm all omitted from the DD5 including the fact I sent the video along with the photographs and my MD's notes. 

Delita HOOKS false cross complaint I paid 15 dollars and filled out the top of the form  to get it -- it appears she came in 2 days after me.

Private investigator with a witness asked  Dr Andrew Fagelman if he spoke to the NYPD and Dr Andrew Fagelman said NO COMMENT as if answering could incriminate him?  Did he call
1800NYPD fix it?  Did the NYPD cater to the wealthy?  Yes.

I filed out this form and mailed it to one police plaza asking for her false cross complaint.  The NYPD employee wrote what down Delita Hooks lies at the very bottom -- Delita Hooks lied during an open police investigation along with others including the NYPD but she does acknowledge she understood I was a patient.


Preet Bharara Pretending NYPD 1-800 NYPD fix it Brings city another step closer to rioting 










Vergona got to retire with his full pension isn't that a nice perk -- fixing and favors from Charles Campisi and how many supervisors in the chain of command that fixed it for all involved in my case that violated protocol their oath and broke the law.
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How many blogs since 2012 have I created that say the NYPD fix crime -- NYC Above the Law blog is dedicated to Michael Rawson of the Mercer Hotel....remember NYPD det John Vergona's facebook friend -- the mercer hotel had him on speed dial.  NYPDNew Commission blog, Adrian Schoolcraft Blog, First Precinct Fix crime blog they fixed mine.... Preet Bharara says call a cop -- yes Preet it is 1800 NYPD IA DA fix it and you are kidding yourself if you do not admit it is citywide.
I know I am a victim still waiting for Justice and what about NYPD chief Chuck dowd who took lavish gifts as 911 tech crooks stole money and delivered late and delivered crap worse then CityTime a payroll system -- 911 is about saving lives and by they way the 900 million dollar command center still not up.
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Monday, June 20, 2016

CityTime Gerard Denault Supreme Court, Preet Bharara Hedge Funds, CityTime, NYPD troubles

U.S. SUPREME COURT NOTICE, granting Appellant Gerard Denault extension to file Writ of Certiorari, FILED.

If You Need Preet Bharara, He’ll Be In His Office Screaming Into A Pillow | Dealbreaker

NYPD Rejoice Preet Bharara on Losing Streak?

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Interpol arrest warrant will not do anything! Believe it or not! There is a Red Corner Interpol arrest warrant issued against Reddy Allen and his wife Padma for a huge fraud committed against New York City for +/- 450 million dollars (City Time scam) could not do any thing to the perpetrators. Every one knows that they are enjoying ill gotten money in Bangalore in JP Nagar and in Whitefield. Both Allen's ducked the US federal grand jury indictments and fled to India (one via. Indonesia). The indictments were brought about by none other than US attorney Preet Bharara. Google :Padma Allen, Reddy Allen, City Time
When this is the state of affairs in India, I really doubt that Vijay Mallya would be brought back to face justice in India from UK."

Sunday, June 19, 2016

NYPD Lavish Kelly Era 911 oral arguement & LGBT Mass murder Saudi NYU Trip?

http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/06/monday-am-new-post-ray-kelly-nypd.html?m=1  Monday tell you agency not as well trained as NYPD and FBI noticed something about  LGBT mass murderer and rejected him but NYPD travelled with him thanks to NYU & NYPD to Saudi Arabia and NYPD did not notice anything -- did the NYPD take lavish gifts?  Who paid for their air plane rides, hotels etc? Go to my blog Monday am


See you Monday am

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#NYPD Commish Bratton Yelled Down U Kill People!

#NYPD Commish Bratton Yelled Down U Kill People!

You Kill People!’: NYC Police Commissioner Shouted Down By Angry Crowd at Vigil For Orlando Victims | Video | TheBlaze.com

Bloomberg and Ray Kelly's White House Ambitions Backfired Letting Hewlett Packard Overbill on 911, Steal, Deliver Late, Deliver Crap, corruption, NYPD committing crimes all fixed fixing favors Ray Kelly, Bratton, Chiefs internal affairs etc in on it

Deutsche Bank Nazi Bankers LGBT Flag hypocrisy DB finance Ig Farben, mengele, auschwitz, Abused handicapped OWS w/ private army

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mary Martin biography by David Kaufman "Some Enchanted Evenings" Coming Soon....

David Kaufman, West Village

Mary Martin was a star of Broadway and that may resonate very little with this generation as Broadway is resembling television more and more leaving less to the imagination but for hardcore fans this book is a huge treasure trove down memory lane with some gossip and rumors too I hear.

The book will be out soon....some folks have read the galleys and wrote some reviews on Amazon.


Protest the Kelly Miller Circus Use of Animals for Entertainment



Dear Suzan,

The Kelly Miller Circus is coming to your area soon! Please join local activists to rally against the use of animals in circuses. Ringling Bros., the largest traveling circus in North America, has phased out its elephant acts, and Kelly Miller Circus needs to follow suit! To learn more, watch this video about cruelty under the big top.
Cruelty is Not Entertainment


Tuesday, June 14, 4-5 p.m.
(RSVP on Facebook)
Tuesday, June 14, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
(RSVP on Facebook)
Wednesday, June 15, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
(RSVP on Facebook)


H Mart Little Ferry 260 Bergen Turnpike, Little Ferry, New Jersey 07643 (Please do not park in the H Mart/Value Fair parking lot or across the street in the residential area and abide all parking signs. See this map.)


Dee DeSantis at 201-658-8395 or Richard Jaretsky at 201-321-5302
All materials (such as posters and leaflets) will be provided.  If you can't make it, you can still take action by pledging to stop circus cruelty.
Don't forget to grab T-shirts and other activist gear! Be sure to enter promo code ACT10 during checkout to enjoy your discount. Discount excludes donations, memberships, literature, sale items, taxes, and shipping and handling. Expires July 31, 2016.

For all animals,
Kimberly Spiegel HeadshotKimberly Spiegel's Signature
Kimberly Spiegel
Outreach Coordinator
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Add PETA on FacebookYouTube, and Twitter.

Uganda Reanda Tours and Travels Visit Endangered Gorillas

Dear Suzann,


I kindly request you to work with us in Tours and Travel business here in Uganda, East Africa.

We are a tour operator registered with the registrar of companies of the republic of Uganda, looking forward to getting a business partner.

Or else, you kindly link us to Travel Agents/any person in your country, who may be interested in this lucrative venture

We can do this in a way that YOU or the Travel Agents/any person out there, send tourists to East Africa and Jkihembe safaris does the ground handling and both YOU and our company benefit from the venture at a lower price but with High quality services, and when we sell many trips/safaris, we can benefit more.....

We have many tourist attractions here which are so attractive, like the endangered mountain Gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda,many other primates and very many bird species of East Africa.

If YOU or any travel agent is interested,we shall talk more about the terms and conditions,plus the obligations for each of us.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Yours faithfully
Jimmy Byabashaija
Managing Director,
Tel: +256784942826, +256702327416
Web: www.jkihembesafaris.co.ug
: reservations@jkihembesafaris.co.ug

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Giuseppi Logan Lost & Found Again


because I was savagely assaulted at MD’s it makes it hard to walk in to any facility medical but this place is excellent — this is the best care GL has probably had since he “crashed”  — they really care about him and he has instruments to play.

It is said but certain community members were very angry with GL playing someone over the rainbow over and over desperate for money…

USA you can’t grow old you have grow rich and old or keep working until you die.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Giuseppi Logan Lost and Found again now at Nursing Home Queens Please visit if you are a good person willing to do a good deed

Giuseppi Logan in a Nursing Home Please Visit if you Can

Jaee Logan has dedicated his song Deja Vu to Giuseppi (JOE Logan if you call the nursing home) read more about that below and Jaee called me from the West Coast where he lives....and Jaee conference called me so I got to speak to Giuseppi Logan who wants out.  Jaee got Vervain White connected to Earth Wind and Fire to work with him on Deja vu dedicated to Giuseppi.

Lawrence Nursing Care Center

No reviews · Nursing Home
350 Beach 54th St · (718) 945-0400

Published on Jun 7, 2016
If you're a genuinely sincere and good person that wants to do a good deed please visit him he needs company companionship people that care he loves to talk about his music he's desperate to get out of there but frankly it looks like a good place where they r taking excellent care of him.

Please do not videotape him but you can photograph him if he gives you permission said Robin his social worker.   The nursing staff seems really excellent and caring and are in touch with his wonderful son Jay who's dedicated a song called déjà vu to him and Jay got Vervine White of earth wind and fire to work with him on the record dedicated to Joe aka Guiseppi Logan.

I visited just Guesppi Logan in the hospital Beth israel one hit a broken hip and he checked himself out. The nursing station is 718-945-0403 or you can call the main number just Google it it's in Queens New York

The horrific violence and lies to be violated my patient rights and than my body repeatedly and than they got the NYPD corrupt cops only to willing to threaten me -- thanks to Dr Andrew Fagelman and certain staff's on going wrong doing -- they have yet to own up -- admit wrong doing and apologize it but continue to lie it all took a toll and I couldn't stay in touch with Giuseppi.

Now my goal is to let People know if they are up to visiting and they are good souls please visit him.