NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely violent receptionist Delita's running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest Oct 16 immediate than Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Saturday oct. 20, 2012 4PM IAB let him and his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE I am alleging fix, favors and retaliation -- please look at the first page -- it mentions HP tied to 911 Tech corruption as well as mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly free rides Air Bloomberg....http://www.scribd.com/doc/188752042/NYPD-Commissioner-Ray-Kelly-Charles-Campisi-DI-Ed-Winski-Lt-Agnes-Lt-Angelo-Burgos-IAB-Sgt-Mary-O-Donnell-Sgt-Chen-Det-Andy-Dwyer-Det-John-Ve

Sunday, August 30, 2015

CityTime Crime Update Spherion Owes NYC Tax Payers Mega Millions?

Contractor being sued over its alleged mismanagement of CityTime project wants lawsuit transferred | Legal News Line http://legalnewsline.com/stories/510635457-contractor-being-sued-over-its-alleged-mismanagement-of-citytime-project-wants-lawsuit-transferred

Contractor being sued over its alleged mismanagement of CityTime project wants lawsuit transferred

 46  0  1  110
NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) - A company that was tasked with monitoring the overhaul of New York City’s timekeeping system has requested that a whistleblower’s lawsuit filed against it over two former employees’ alleged fraud be transferred to a New York federal court.

Defendant SFN Group Inc., formerly known as Spherion Corp., filed its notice of removal to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York last week.

Plaintiff Vinrod Khurana brought his original complaint on behalf of the State of New York and City of New York in March 2011. The lawsuit, filed under seal, named a group of defendants, including SFN.

The company argues that the lawsuit belongs in federal court because it is a qui tam action, with neither the state or city being a party.

In addition, SFN notes that the case is an action under the New York State False Claims Act for damages allegedly sustained by the city and Khurana.

Specifically, Khurana alleges that SFN billed the City of New York an estimated $48 million in connection with the CityTime project. He also alleges that “any claims for payment that [SFN Group] made to the city between 2004 and 2010.. were false claims subject to treble damages and pre-claim penalties pursuant to the New York State False Claims Act.”

Khurana also seeks two times back-pay from the date of his alleged termination of his employment in 2007 through the conclusion of the CityTime project in 2010, plus special damages including his attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses.

“The total amount of damages sought in the Second Amended Complaint therefore exceeds $75,000,” SFN wrote in its seven-page notice, filed Aug. 20.

Khurana, a San Francisco resident, is a former employee of Spherion.

In July 2004, Spherion hired Khurana, who has more than 20 years of experience as a computer systems analyst, as a consultant/load tester on the CityTime project.

According to court documents, starting in late 2010, New York City’s attempted overhaul of its timekeeping system ground to a halt amid the discovery of “rampant, pervasive” fraud that tainted “nearly every corner” of the project.

Over the next three years, New York City investigators -- and the public -- would come to find out that a small group of individuals had turned the CityTime project into their own personal bank account, creating a network of shell corporations to deceive the city about the development of the software while kicking back tens of millions of dollars into their own pockets.

At the heart of the fraud were two men -- Mark Mazer and Scott Berger -- who, according to court documents, were largely responsible for developing and implementing what has been deemed “one of the worst, if not the worst, financial crimes against the city.”

Mazer and Berger, according to Khurana’s complaints, became involved in the project as the direct result of Spherion, the contractor tasked with monitoring the development of the software.

Spherion treated Mazer and Berger as its employees. According to Khurana’s complaints, they were considered by those on the job site to be the “face” of Spherion.

Khurana worked for Spherion, on the project, until being terminated -- without any explanation, he alleges -- in May 2007.

He contends his termination followed his “many attempts” to warn his superiors about the poor testing results of the CityTime software and that the project could not function.

According to Khurana’s complaints, Spherion fired him immediately after he alleged to his colleagues that Mazer and Berger were engaged in wrongdoing related to the operation of the project.

Khurana, in his second amended complaint filed in New York Supreme Court in July, contends Spherion should be held responsible for its “undeniable and critical role” in the damage caused by the two men.

“By hiring Mazer and Berger, Spherion assumed responsibility for their conduct on the contract -- both by basic tenants of respondeat superior and by the specific obligations set forth in the contract between Spherion and the City of New York Office of Payroll Administration,” he wrote.

“Spherion submitted claims and collected millions of dollars from New York City on behalf of Mark Mazer and Scott Berger alone. Yet, while Mazer and several of his co-conspirators are serving lengthy prison sentences for their abhorrent and unapologetic fraud, Spherion Corp. so far has escaped liability.”

Khurana continued, “Had Spherion exercised proper authority and oversight over its employees, had it put in place any safeguards to monitor for fraud by its own employees, and had it not turned a blind eye when confronted with suspicions of Mazer and Berger’s conduct, the massive fraud perpetrated on the City of New York could have been avoided completely or at least stopped years earlier than it ultimately was.”

From Legal Newsline: Reach Jessica Karmasek by email at jessica@legalnewsline.com.

Oh dear Juan Gonzalez is on vacation so I guess no one's going to report this story?

CityTime Crime Exclusive NYC Tax Payers Owed Mega Millions by Spherion Says Whistle Blower!

This is a major story and there's a lot of money I would say easily over 1 billion between CityTime and 911 tech crime alone the tax payers are owed but will anyone with integrity ever pursue getting that money back?

I remember New York Post editors would not let a key reporter report Denault sued SAIC and won. The Village Voice reporter took my exclusive but didn't credit me. Vinod is my facebook friend and he posted this on facebook and also posted a comment giving me the go ahead to run with this. He even alleges one of his managers at Spherion committed suicide but ultimately that the people of New York were robbed yet again with Spherion not having to payback the city and he believes the oath somewhere between 50 and $150 million. Under Bloomberg I was alerted by other whistleblowers with the city was owed money by many contractors subcontractors on CityTime and 911. I know I wasn't the only ones be contacted with this news I'm just glad now the story is out. I'll be interesting to see if The New York Times near dealing using New York Post kill this news too save murdered more stories than a serial killer protecting Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly's more than tarnished legacies.

I know from different sources stealing was rampant out-of-control even more so for 911 which went over budget over $1 billion in the lead contractor Hewlett-Packard was delivering late in delivering crap and FYI today the second command center I believe is still not up all these years later and the backup is still one police Plaza and set it for 50 million dollar plus back up unit!!!

That is not news and would be a huge embarrassment for Bloomberg and Ray Kelly the NYPD's role in 911 is egregious and that's understating it considering Ray Kelly appointed chief chuck does but no tech experience but was court fixing crimes like me being Savage the assaulted a doctor Andrew fagelman and the same internal affairs that fix it for him and Ray Kelly fixed it in my case line blaming police reports.

Aug 21 2015 Ray Kelly and head up internal affairs under Ray Kelly their lawyer admitted Front of three apologizes that but the cops and internal affairs off the hook I was treated egregiously so my question is in America can we get justice in court or is it just them taking on our money and putting in their bank accounts as a protects corruption?

Is more newspaper going to pick the story up in New York City? Probably not because the NYPD control press passes in the editors kill stories for their owners that are friends with Mike Bloomberg and then one fixing in favors from Ray Kelly?

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

J. Crew Save Elephant Shirt WWF David Sheldrick The Elephant Whisper Help me Cope with Violence Lies Dr Andrew Fagelman's to NYPD Internal Affairs Cy Vance Dirty DA

I love my J. Crew Save the Elephant shirt and money goes to the David Sheldrick Foundation to help save Elephants and other animals.  I am holding an adoption certificate of an African Elephant and a beautiful soft toy elephant all part of the WWF World WildLife Fund ? I think WWF stands for and they are just 2 exceptional forces for good....

I help People anytime I can but what many don't understand if animals go extinct so will we.

Because I was savagely attacked punched kicked Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying receptionist after she repeatedly violated my patient rights from behind the desk, menaced me, repeatedly hit me and did a running punch to my eye after a make a hole in my retina, and than grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair...even put her barefoot against my vaginal area when she failed to successful kick me not for lack of trying....She has yet to be punished and is still being protected by  Dr Andrew Fagelman in my opinion an evil man--please don't tell me he has done good when he is involved in blaming me for his own failures including lying and allowing a ticking bomb a violent liar to sit at that front desk.

Friday, August 21, 2015 in Apellate Court the lawyer for the City of NY, NYPD and Internal Affairs admitted Ms. Troy was treated egregiously.  He meant by the defendants in this lawsuit I filed against his clients.  The doctor just got sued July 9th.  I am still reeling and in shock.

I know Elephants know -- their brains are bigger than ours...how do they come back from the immense suffering...?

I saw a Temple Elephant chained down and beaten by savages --- I am now in love with the elephants -- I don't want to ride an elephant and signed a petition and urged People via twitter to not ride elephants, also to ban ivory and airlines to refuse to fly trophy kills of animals -- I know the trauma of the violence and lies from Dr Andrew FAgelman's to the NYPD IAB DA has in a sense given birth to my love of elephants.  I always had American Indian animals around the apartment but now I have many elephants and animals from Africa.


My eyes hurt so I listened to the audio of "The Elephant Whisper" excellent audio books and now I am listening to the book by Dame Sheldrick and it is a tear jerker --- hard to deal with all the deaths of the animals including Elephants murdered for their tusks and well as the babies who died of starvation because their Mom's were killed.

I admire the strength of all those that continue to fight to save the animals and Mother Earth despite the enormous grief they witnessed.

J Crew David Sheldrick Foundation WWF Elephants Love Elephants Animals Mother Earth Saving Them Saves the Planet

Monday, August 24, 2015

Appellate Judges Good! City say egregious but not violation of my rights! I fought hard. Felt so good! Positive!

Appellate Judges Good! City say egregious but not violation of my rights! I fought hard. Felt so good! Positive!

Friday August 21, 2015 re Violent Attack at Dr Andrew Fagelman's by his employee and than the NYPD  joined verbal violence lying threats lying in police reports crime coercion....

Subject: Appellate Judges Good -- City lawyer say egregious but not violation of my rights   

Wow!  Of course my constitutional rights were violated and I told the three judges that my attacker Dr Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks signed a letter to the NYPD agreeing to drop charges and she threaten me yet again she sign that letter.   That was included in my lawsuit against her which I filed.  The court clerk would not let me share it with the judges.   I can't remember I may not of told the judges I never served her because I was afraid for my safety!


I'm in shock the oral argument went really well... I have to lie down I'm just overwhelmed and exhausted exhausted but I feel somehow the healing began today because of the judges it was amazing and even the city admitting it was egregious and I know that my constitutional rights were violated.
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 Very positive experience.... Exhausted   But I feel better not at least City of NY took 1 step forward admits aggregious.   

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mae West Celebration Outlaw Jefferson Library once Police Court Named their Family Room for the Author of SEX her Broadway Play that got her arrested...

Mae West Celebration Outlaw Jefferson Library once Police Court Named their Family Room for the Author of SEX her Broadway Play that got her arrested...

Mae West celebrated I refer2myself Mae West meets Mike Wallace federal appellate lawsuit City NY Ray Kelly
The lawyer for the City of NY and Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi and a group of NYPD officers including Internal Affairs he is defending for the indefensible involving lying in police reports, threatening me, coercing  me on behalf of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em Delita Hooks  (Dr F's ray rice of reception  desks her) violent lies, threats and an attack that included a running punch to my head at Dr Andrew Fagelman's who didn't fire -- Popolow  is defending the indefensible and he either accidentally lied or told untruths and his motion to dismiss my case but he did  open by stating I consider myself a cross between Mae West and Mike Wallace. I can only guess he meant it in a misogynist way clearly is not how I intended my description of myself.  

Mae West: Triple Treat 

MAE WEST will be celebrated in her hometown during August 2015, as usual.
• • Onstage Outlaws — — Mae West and Texas Guinan during the Lawless Prohibition Era • •
• • 3 events commemorate the Brooklyn bombshell's August birthday in the room where she faced a judge who sent her to jail • •
• • New York, NY, July 13, 2015 — During the 1920s, when Mae West was trying to build her career, the building all dramatists and actresses tried to avoid——Jefferson Market Court at 425 Sixth Avenue—— was the very site that made a little-known performer world famous. When N.Y. District Attorney Joab Banton had Mae West arrested and paddy wagoned to Jefferson Market Police Court on February 9, 1927, the controversial Brooklyn entertainer made global headlines for the first time. The actress-writer also served time in Jefferson Jail. At her side, covering the trial for the New York Journal American, was Texas Guinan, Mae's friend and a frequent passenger in the police department's Black Maria herself.
• •  In the 1920s, though most Broadway headliners avoided negative publicity, these two diamond-draped divas flouted convention, defied police, and became as well known for being handcuffed as for blazing their way onto theatre marquees. They were "onstage outlaws" during the Prohibition Era.
• •  When Mae West [1893-1980] and Texas Guinan [1884-1933] weren't being chased by the purity police, they found time to enjoy the speakeasies, bookshops, restaurants, night spots, and theatres in Greenwich Village. In 1907, Texas-born Texas Guinan moved to New York, where she resided at 72 Washington Square South, then at 17 West 8th Street. The speakeasy queen owned bracelets set with 567 diamonds each and a fancy armored car that once belonged to the King of Belgium.
• •  To celebrate Mae West's birthday on August 17, 2015, there will be an illustrated talk: "Onstage Outlaws — — Mae West and Texas Guinan during the Lawless Prohibition Era." Rare vintage images will show you the buildings around Washington Square as these two headline-makers saw them. Sites include the Village speakeasies where Mae socialized and bent elbows with Texas Guinan, Walter Winchell, Jack Dempsey, George Raft, and Barney Gallant; significant theatres; court rooms where Mae and Texas fought City Hall; and off-beat addresses that made an impact. Rare Texas Guinan silent films will be shown and Mae West's Jefferson Jail poetry will also be read.
• •  The speaker LindaAnn Loschiavo is a Greenwich Village historian and dramatist; her plays include "Courting Mae West: Sex, Censorship, and Secrets" and "Diamond Lil, Queen of the Bowery."
        — — — — Who, What, When, Where — — — —
• • What: Onstage Outlaws — — Mae West and Texas Guinan during the Lawless Prohibition Era
• • WhenMonday, 17 August 2015 — — from 6:30 — 8:00pm (doors open at 6:00pm)
• • Where: Jefferson Market Library, 425 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10011 (at West 10th Street)
• • Extra: to celebrate the birthday of Brooklyn bombshell Mae West, on August 3rd and on August 10th, her films will be shown at 6:00pm. The first one, "Sextette" [1978] will be screened on August 3rd. Then "Go West Young Man" [1936] will be screened on August 10th. The August 17thmulti-media presentation will feature light refreshments (courtesy of East Village Cheese) and a raffle. You could win rare films starring Texas Guinan. Or maybe a rare reprint by The New Yorker's caricaturist Alfred Freuh or by a famous N. Y. Times illustrator.
• • Refreshment sponsor: East Village Cheese
• • Subway: IND line to West Fourth Street; PATH train to West 9th Street
• • FeeFREE — — no entry fee for the three Mae West events on August 3rd, August 10th, and August 17th, 2015
• • Phone: 212- 243-4334
• • Website for all things Mae West: http://MaeWest.blogspot.com
• • Mae West said: "I enjoyed the court room as any other stage."
• • Mae West told the jail matron: "Whaddya mean strip? I thought this was a respectable place!"  
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 11th anniversary • •    
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please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you. 

Vid 4 second highlights Vine
https://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/173385168#fullscreen Delita Hooks false cross complaint I paid 15 dollars to get she walked in to 01 Precinct 2 days after me and committed yet another crime.  Judge Alison Nathan either never bothered to Watch the YouTube which I referred to 24 times in the original lawsuit and had no interest giving me subpoena power or  in reading my attackers false cross complaint, 

Mae West celebrated I refer2myself Mae West meets Mike Wallace federal appellate lawsuit v City NY Ray Kelly

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Soul Cycle Super supportive Loving More than Just a Workout

Soul Cycle Super supportive Loving More than Just a Workout 

Soul Cycle is a loving safe fun place to heal....

 I also love the clothing and think the clothing could go mainstream so fantastic I love wearing shirts that say soul.  

I have posttraumatic stress and I got to tell you I love quiet but I just couldn't seem to move things out of my mind and my body just seem to need some loudness but in a controlled way where to put your plugs in my ears which are there at the counter for free at SoulCycle and then I feel like I  am at a wild safe party on a bike.    A personal trainer could cost as much as $75-$200 so for me this is better than personal training it's a group activity with amazing support and I don't have to do it all -  my goal to move my body and try and feel better to move the trauma out of my body

Dear Soul: 

You all know my history punched in the face by violent lying receptionist at the doctor Andrew  Fagelman's in SoHo and lied about it, Dad died knowing that the NYPD threatening me as well, my mom's dying of Parkinson's plus and before I went to Soul Cycle today my mom in a dark moment told me I'm too heavy (I gained a lot of weight from  the trauma of the attack)   she just lashed out at me because she's angry and frustrated that she's lost her abilities to walk it's very very sad so I can tell you I just felt like I could barely move -- i've damaged neck, knees a mess,  broken toe,  so you name it but I always go to Soul Cycle  because it's about supportive environment and love, a lot of love the entire staff is so excellent to walk in there and feel supported and loved unconditionally as I am -- so awesome so thank you and Andi is so encouraging she's very challenging but she also understands if you need to sit down and rest that's OK she's never going to make you feel bad she is so down to earth & beautiful inside & out  so warm and so loving thank you SoulCycle.  

Please Google Dr Fagelman assault and see Delita attack me and she was not fired or arrested I'm still in shock to this day I can't believe what happened and what's been going on and a medical doctor the NYPD 1 Police Plaza the Manhattan DA internal affairs unwillingness to their lack of human decency and respect for the law is unbelievable they clearly have no moral compass it's still shocking to me... She made a hole in my retina from a running punched my head    She grab my hair repeatedly yanked my head causing floaters  both eyes and she put her barefoot against my vaginal area and lied and lied and she got everyone to join in but I have the video the proof and the truth!!!!!!! 

I go to appellate  court and speak up for myself for five minutes Aug  21 after 2 1/2 years of the NYPD of lying and stonewalling me I don't have a lot of hope but it will become record historical I believe one day      

I've never done drugs I don't drink much I just I'm so appreciative of a warm loving environment just consistently warm and supportive that works with me whatever my injuries or whatever's going on supportive and loving thanks and blessings


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