NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely violent receptionist Delita's running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest Oct 16 immediate than Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Saturday oct. 20, 2012 4PM IAB let him and his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE I am alleging fix, favors and retaliation -- please look at the first page -- it mentions HP tied to 911 Tech corruption as well as mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly free rides Air Bloomberg....http://www.scribd.com/doc/188752042/NYPD-Commissioner-Ray-Kelly-Charles-Campisi-DI-Ed-Winski-Lt-Agnes-Lt-Angelo-Burgos-IAB-Sgt-Mary-O-Donnell-Sgt-Chen-Det-Andy-Dwyer-Det-John-Ve

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, the king is dead, the art the media banned and remember my YouTube channel banned removed before the election. Google apologized and restored my work 28 hours later by Suzannah B. Troy


Read the writing on Mayor Bloomberg, the king is dead -- metaphorically speaking and the MTA = Corruption SAIC and the Blizzard 2010 and the MTA fare hike!


Metaphorically speaking the king is dead and the MTA gets the subways running 3 days after the Blizzard in time for the fare hike by Suzannah B. Troy

5:35 am still mornin,  the MTA and NYC notified New Yorkers all the subway lines are finally running since the Blizzard of 2010 hit this city like a terrorist attack.

Why did it take 3 full days to get all the subway lines running?

Why do the subways in general look so run down, rotted, leaking even on sunny days that you don't think you are in the greatest city in the world but that you are in the newest re-make of The Planet of the Apes....I haven't seen the original in many years but isn't there is scene where the State of Liberty is practically eaten up by nature, barely a relic swallowed up?

How did the corrupt MTA manage to make the SAIC deal happen right in our faces against our demands until the State Comptroller DiNapoli put the kibosh to the deal.   This MTA SAIC deal sounds similar to the infamous MTA real estate Mafia deal that was also in your face.

Where is all the money going that MTA takes in hand over fist?  Why can't they provide better service and why are the subway stations rotted and leaking?

Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development and people died in so many construction related accidents and even infrastructure as well because he refused to put safety before ruthless corrupt greed with the help of his A-list socialite gal pal mega millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden.  Mike Bloomberg and Amanda the people's Burden's legacy will be the most massive displacement of New Yorkers since the American Indians and the shoddiest soulless reckless development all mirrored reflecting a history destroyed and communities no longer welcome not to mention the death toll.

Well people died this time around as well including a baby that was suppose to born in this world but no medics could get to that little soul who was to be born a proud New Yorker.

Well good news, New Yorkers, the MTA now finally as of this morning right before a fare increase -- now has all subway lines finally up and running.

NYC gov -- CityTime -- SAIC and their supposedly watch dog Spherion along with Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn and gang, the MTA all stink like the dead rat I saw on the subway tracks but worse were the rats up on the platform because because blizzard they were forced up to join us on the dilapidated run down dirty platform.

Lindsay was a big tall gorgeous guy and guess what he cared about New Yorkers!  True News told me he was the last mayor to die in poverty.  What True News did not tell is what I see, that after him mayors learned how to turn public service in to a money machine.  Dinkins just got bought off by Columbia University as one big example aiding and abetting in eminent domain abuse and selling the great lie that Manhattanville is blighted.  How does these people live with themselves?  Rudy Giuliani made 31 million after he got out of office and reminder his no. 1 NYPD officer, Bernie Kerik is now in jail.

Just a reminder May 4, 2009 I made a YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist#p/a/f/1/F3OLAgH1MJg Don't believe what the media is telling you Mike Bloomberg may not win the election because of voter angry.  A month and half before the election my entire YouTube channel was removed and I was wrongly banned.  Gee I wonder how that happened.  The Wiki Page dedicated to this banning was removed.  The page was attacked and the editors of Wiki page revealed attacked by sock puppet accounts but they still took it down.   Up until the CityTime white collar crime broke under Bloomberg who was pimping for SAIC aggressively after the news broke because he did not want the SAIC MTA deal killed or the SAIC Sanitation Dept. killed had his thugs or his thugs on behalf of Bloomberg continue to mark all my comments as spam and any one who commented on my YouTube channel as spam.  I also was banned from commenting on The NY Post website when CityTime broke but I wrote, called and emailed and I am now allowed to comment.

I am glad New Yorkers are as finally outraged and angry as I am. ....finally angry with mayor Bloomberg and calling for his impeachment so when I was sent the petition for his impeachment I added several more points about why he should be impeached from the third term debacle, breaking campaign laws, his pal Steve Rattner pay to play, the lousy abuse and mishandling of the pension funds, CityTime which will most likely be the largest White Collar Crime in NYC gov history and that is why we can't have Christine Quinn or Bill Thompson run for mayor next time around.  Wc can't have Scott Stringer who would not rank on NYC top ten list of activists because he isn't half as good and Stringer is a black hole of tax payer money who should be taking the subway not being chauffeured around.

I created the blog Mayor Bloomberg King of New York and that was the title of my first YouTube.

I am announcing officially today -- the king is dead speaking only of course in a metaphoric sense.

I have said before if Mike Bloomberg died today greedy ruthless real estate developers would prop up his dead body and push through a fourth term to make sure their real estate deals go through.

MTA and NYC Gov and ALBANY are so corrupt it is beyond sickening.  A Blizzard made New Yorkers irate -- finally.

New Yorkers threshold for corruption is greater than our tallest sky scrappers thank goodness for a massive Blizzard.      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKqwZ8ghkBA

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy's Impeach Mike Bloomberg for Blizzard 2010 petition sent to her + FYI Christine Quinn Bill Thompson Scott Stringer we don't want them for mayor and here is why

I was sent this petition and I thought I was share some facts about Christine Quinn who should be impeached as well as why we can't have her, Scott Stringer or Bill Thompson as our next mayor. They should not even think about wasting tax payers money or our time running in the primary.
What my YouTube...it is short and informative and google the pension fund scandals and CityTime to learn more. Scott Stringer is just the tax payer's black hole and we have 100 activists that have more intelligent things to say and have done more for their communities than Stringer with way too much tax payer money.
I am glad the Blizzard got New Yorker steaming mad but there is a lot more we need to be made about!!!


Impeach Mike Bloomberg for the Blizzard Petition. Please sign, FYI, he broke campaign laws. Impeach Christine Quinn for using slush and intimidation to help push thru a 3rd term, impeach them both for CityTime mega million dollar white collar crime still unfolding--sign the petition!!!!!!!

Impeach Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn for CityTime the greatest white collar crime NYC gov ever, for stealing a third term, for using slush and intimidation to push thru a 3rd term and lying to say we need Mike to help the economy when it was only his pals and Quinn's pals. She is aggressively fund raising to be mayor - Mike's mini-me.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MTA desperate Rats come up on to subway platform + WNYC reports SAIC no innocent new override! See Suzannah B. Troy's new YouTube on this and the press going easy on king Mike Bloomberg

See rat photos in the new YouTube.

A cute guy chatted me up -- maybe my Pucci Jacket that breaks the color wheel (I got triple marked down at Century 21) so I say get ready for Venice and he said he was from Venice, CA.  
I responded Venice, Italy because he and I were leaping over huge pools of 
water!!! He laughed!


King Mike's Insincere Mea Culpa:  The NY Daily News....http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/12/28/2010-12-28_chastened_bloomberg_fights_to_save_reputation_after_string_of_snowremoval_snafus.html
Impeach Mike Bloomberg -- even when he attempts to say sorry he is as sincere as he and his mini-me Christine Quinn selling the great lie we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help US w/the economy! Yeah right! They helped their pals.  Check out Quinn's campaign donation list! I have a new YouTube coming up in a few seconds -shows you RATS on the subway platform perhaps flooding on the tracks? I make and analogy to the SAIC MTA deal and Bloomberg SAIC! Remember Mike pushed for a full renewal for SAIC Oct. 30! Oh and the Sanitation Dept and SAIC! 2 of 3 SAIC deals deader than the rat that was lying on the subway track. Stinks of corruption coming up to the surface like rotten milk in bad cup of coffee king Mike!


Question:  Will there be massive law suits against SAIC, Spherion, Mike Bloomberg, Joel Bondy, Christine Quinn..... CityTime?  Just asking...!!!!!!!!!!


Sanitation YouTube with inappropriate language the "r" word goes viral heading up to 1/4 million Youtube hits in less than 24 hours... if only Mike could have done as good a job w/ this blizzard, CityTime, helping the homeless, preventing mass displacement, etc. !!!!!!!!!!

Mike Bloomberg doesn't care about the "little people".

Mike's little puppet Christine Quinn and his slush puppy city council members that voted to extend term limits in return for slush money -- oops did I say that? all have turned on king Mike Bloomberg!

Even His Puppet Turns Against Him   Et Tu Brute  Quinn Calls For Hearings On City Storm Response

Joseph MercurioWouldn't it be refreshing if the City Council did oversight of the mayor's disaster planning before the winter storms set in? (Twitter)

Remember: MTA Fare Hikes Just Two Days Away! 

Mayor Bloomberg shielded from blame by media: True News for Change

Go to True News and read the numerous postings on this which he contrasts
with the treatment of Mayor Lindsay.   I want to add the press has been shielding Bloomberg-SAIC.
http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-205164   This Ireport by a whistle blower fingers than SAIC guy for stealing $ CityTime and we have yet to hear his name and SAIC implicated in the mega-millions stolen.
There appears to me to be a cover-up for the mayor and SAIC in my opinion.

Check back with True News later today -- he will have more news you need to read...

NYC Sanitation Dept. bashing YouTube gone viral over 131,000 hits + hold the buns, MTA, Sanitation Dept., Mike Bloomberg what is the DEAL? (Besides SAIC) talking about NYC Blizzard by Suzannah B. Troy

(Warning: this tube contains offensive language and boxer shorts).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt_r-jO3lKE  wow -- the Sanitation bashing Youtube went Viral -- check it  out...On it's way to a quarter of a million hits at this rate; storm of a hit on YouTube.

Next read No Third Term's blog http://no-third-term.blogspot.com/2010/12/  piece I nicknamed "hold the buns" (there goes my inner Mae West) and the city's below par snow removal job and reminder the MTA had to put a note on it's website asking New Yorkers to stay at home and not use the subway!   The mayor how ever said to NYC gov workers "no stay at home Time" perhaps because he did not want more egg on his face "CityTime" because SAIC has not been able to get CityTime up and running minus the bugs and besides dealing with over-time I am not sure CityTime could have handled yesterday's time sheets if Mike said stay at home.  CityTime may have handled "stay home Time" for NYC gov workers well as the Sanitation Dept. and the MTA handled the Blizzard.

Check out my YouTube from yesterday about the Blizzard and the mayor with lots of links in the text portion that report major scandals with Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn and I don't even refer to using "slush and intimidation" to push through a third term with the great lie, Mike Bloomberg  we needed Mike to help us with the economy.  Mike only helped his good pals.  Is SAIC a pal?

Click on the links in the text portion to learn more about High Line, how Quinn had a homeless group called Picture the Homeless banned from attending City Council meeting which is gee whiz unconstitutional and thanks to famed Civil Rights lawyer Norman Seigel, Quinn's lawyers had to agree to grant them access plus more on SAIC, the MTA so tune in....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mike Mike Bloomberg, mystery and a massive Blizzard



Massive snow storm 20 inch record brings NYC to a halt including the A Train for 6 hours, No parking tickets for parking meters from the NYPD today by Suzannah B. Troy

Why aren't we hearing from Mayor Bloomberg on the hour, every hour...?  Is he in Bermuda?  Just joking...he couldn't get out to Bermuda after yesterday's press conference.
From Notify NYC:

10:30 AM today: The Long Island Railroad, Metro-North and the Staten Island Railway are suspended due to the snow.  Subways and buses are experiencing major delays.  Visit www.mta.info for the latest updates.

 12/27/10 at 9:15 AM. The New York City Department of Transportation has suspended all parking meter regulations for Monday, December 27th.  The NYPD will not be issuing parking meter tickets today.

I am sure glad I was not stuck on the A Train for 6 hours because I always feel pregnant with twins.  I do feel very sorry for all the people stuck on this train when the power was lost.  The MTA is just a mess including parts that are so dilapidated with pipes bandaged like wounds, I have seen leaks and puddles on sunny days. (Have video footage on YouTube.)  Note:  Reminder the SAIC MTA deal for 110 million was put to death and thank goodness based on corrupt over rides by SAIC for hundreds of millions for CityTime.  Mysterious how the MTA would not discuss why they were go with SAIC after their massive budget over rides...hmmm.

The winds and the blizzard inspired many to stay home but some people including me went out to do some errands.  If my knees were not shot I would have gone for a run like I have all my life living in NYC which now totals 27 years.  My girlfriend (for gay bashing homophobes that means friend) took her beautiful fluffy dog out for a walk and the snow was up to her head -- the beautiful dog with winter coat  LOVED it!

Stay warm stay tuned....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Easy A" Teen Sexual Mother Teresa comedy film by Suzannah B. Troy

Written by Bert Royal and directed by Will Gluck starring a young beauty Emma Stone, "Easy A" is an inappropriately funny fun flick.   For those who remember John Hughes films that made Molly Ringwald and Matthew Broderick  this film makes loving references to Hughes film but lack Hughes "sweetness.  This flick is a blast with references to Google Earth and high tech use of spreading the nastiest viscous lying gossip.  The heroine of this film takes to wearing a Scarlet A on her clothes in response although she has never committed adultery.

Why do people gossip and lie.  Um, duh, because they hate themselves, they do not like themselves, they are jealous, where there is suppose to be a heart there is an inner toxic waste dump?

Anyway, Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci play the ultimate cool parents of our heroine and they are hilarous and completely unrealistic not that anything in this fun film had anything to do with reality.

The harsh ugly dark side of real life lies and bullies is too ugly to talk about but if you want bawdy escapism this film is highly recommended with cameos by Thomas Haden Church, Lisa Kudrow and Malcom McDowell.

The beautiful Emma Stone plays Olive and move the letters around in "Olive" and you get I LOVE.

She is a (virgin) sexual Mother Teresa who isn't have sex with anyone but just pretending she is to help some desperate guys out with their ego.  This doesn't sound like a funny movie but the writing is sharp and funny and Emma Stone is intelligent so she makes this movie rip.

It won't win Oscars but the movie will entertain you and how many women out there have felt like sexual Mother Teresas?   Don't answer that question.

IPhone Gloves by Suzannah B. Troy

Note convenient opening to use IPhone + dog teeth holes lower thumb that inspired the creation of my Iphone Gloves!
The on coming snow blizzard and an over enthusiastic puppy dog finally made me do it!  I transformed a pair of pink gloves that I love in to IPhone gloves!

Why?  It is freezing out there and I do not want to take off my gloves to answer telephone calls, emails, text messages and search the internet and now I do not have to.  The Iphone does not work unless it senses your finger pad --no human flesh touching the screen of the Iphone no functions!   learn this when I got my first IPhone and I had a big nasty cut on my pointer finger!  Not fun and required creative finger play.

That has always driven me crazy along with a few other Iphone and Mac Book issues I need to write Apple about but this one I resolved when the most adorable puppy confused my favorite new gloves for a chew toy.    I took a nail scissor and got an arched where the pad of my pointer finger is and any finger I might use with my phone and did not remove the material to attempt to keep my hands as warm as possible.  No I just have to push my pointer finger or pad through the strategically place incision and I can use my Iphone through my "IPhone Gloves".

There are a one of kind and I love them.

Stay warm.

Note:  By the way I have the Otter Box uber protective bulky covering called The Defender and it has protected me from smashing the glass on the phone when I dropped which which I did a lot and from water damage. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Giuseppi Logan Christmas Time Tompkins He still needs support, he needs some help

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOb375ZZyS8&feature=youtube_gdata_player Here is his granddaughter, Malik Logan, who he has yet to meet in her musical video which is terrific so you can see the musical talent has been been passed down. Giuseppi still struggles and he needs help. Giuseppi's youngest son and only son from the 2nd marriage lives on the West Coast.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTssjT9rAmQ Through the power of my YouTubes, a YouTube miracle I was able to re-unite the little boy in this YouTube i found when I posted my first YouTube which rocked the jazz world because people thought GL was dead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSb-JgMIeuA I reunited him with his youngest and only son from his 2nd marriage who shares his musical gifts.
A documentary and I envision a Hollywood film and books will come one day....
For now we just need some more support for Giuseppi Logan. His telephone is out of commission yet again. I have helped resolve his phone problems in the past but I am exhausted.
GL does drive some people crazy when he plays one song over and over and over so I have asked him play some other songs and occasional move his spot in Tompkins to avoid any trouble.
His drive to get out there every day and play is amazing.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sex Worker School Teacher says Rubber Room lives (nothing to do with condoms, just corruption) & she is getting full salary. Maybe Mike is punishing her for her poor business acumen while rewarding Cathie Black for trying to save John's money? by Suzannah B. Troy

Unless you all forgot, Cathie Black recommended a s/x app in an interview for a couple of bucks that would save you money on "h...kers".  I made a YouTube about this wearing pig tails and reading glasses objecting to the word and preferring my kids use the word "s/x workers" not h....kers.  NY post word police.  Don't forget there are men that do the same thing. This woman was open about and if you watch Client 9 on Eliot Spitzer you find out here price point is very, very low.  Mike Bloomberg may be punishing her for her poor business acumen and awarding Cathie Black for her s/x app suggestion to save Johns money?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MTA SAIC deal DEAD!!!!Mike Bloomberg praises SAIC when CityTime 80 mill theft exposed! Why? Mike pimping for global powerhouse SAIC - Mike wants to be global player at our expense!

Just the header on this piece answer the question to why he lied and praised SAIC.

DiNapoli kills deal.

MTA SAIC deal DEAD! Mike sang SAIC's praises after 1st veil removed on CityTime massive crime! Why! He is SAIC's PIMP

The NY Observer selling the lie Mike knew nothing but he knew and he was till trying to push the SAIC MTA deal thru by going on John Gambling show and praising SAIC which was dishonest but he wanted the MTA SAIC deal to go through. Mike knew nothing. I have BFA from Rutgers and I did the math....watch the YouTube I made this morning on how Mike had to know....http://www.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist#p/a/u/1/YFysahmoZWk

Missing the real big crime bigger than the 80 million stolen CityTime watch Suzannah B. Troy's new YouTube

Sent to press and activists -- but make sure to read the posting below this and it is the top link on this new YouTube in the text portion of the YouTube.

My new tube


I talk about Juan Gonzalez's new piece but guess what there were plenty of people that did not blow the whistle and why? No brainer.

My new youtube -- you are missing the point -- 80 million the small crime -- the 700 + the big crime and reminder Mike Bloomberg was pushing SAIC renewal -- a full massive over spend yet again for SAIC Sept. 30 and when this story breaks MIke immediately does p.r for SAIC and even praises them on the John Gambling show and I have it from plenty of sources CityTime still does not work so why more smoke and mirrors....

We need a full audit and if investigator with brains do their job SAIC and Spherion and how many consultants made-off like mini Bernie Madoffs.

I talk about a warm up to CityTime another failed attempt by Rudy Guiliani called Maximus which help make his friends big bucks and they they shelved the failed program....and I ask why didn't Sal Salmone blow the whistle and why could I figure this out in 24 hours and I have a BFA from Rutgers and Mike Bloomberg couldn't figure this out in less than 24 hours?


Monday, December 20, 2010

Casino Jack and The United States of Money documentary coming soon Casino Jack the film starring Kevin Spacey - thieving corrupt lobbyists, congress, politicians...ho hum so what is new? by Suzannah B. Troy Well 80 million so far reported stolen CityTime NYC Gov, think way more was stolen but back to Jack....

Watch---us--the people of New York for free... as we live here in NYC and witness the unfolding of a major white collar crime courtesy of CityTime and NYC gov.....  I call the thieves of CityTime "mini-Bernie Madoffs".  The only reason they are "mini-madoffs" is because they couldn't steal multi-billions.

Whether it is Mike Bloomberg buying a 3rd term and with the help of Christine Quinn, I dubbed Mike's mini-me -- a sell-out, CityTime....or movies like Client 9 and for me this film, Casino Jack and The United States of Money" which possibly more disturbing than Client 9  -- and yet the clearest --- "Washington -- the congress has lost sight of who they serve -- as the end of the film summarizes.

Congress serves......we are told....Chinese sweat shop owners, Russian gangsters....it is so accepted it is part of our culture -- the average citizen doesn't have a voice these people have because they are better financed ." says a guy interviewed who's name alludes me.

Casino Jack refers to dirty corrupt dealings Jack Abramoff and pals pulled of using the American Indians, charging them mega-millions and doing every thing dishonest possible plus making hateful comments about them as well.

Rented "Casino Jack and The United States of Money" from ITunes and it was the regular rental fee for Itunes vs. Alex Gribney Client 9 http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2010/11/client-9-official-trailer-rise-and-fall.html.

After watching this documentary "Casino Jack and The United States of Money" I renamed the political machine,  "political industry" -- political industry -- pay to play -- trading "favors" for money....an industry not a machine....  (political industry is another Suzannah B. Troy-ism.)

There is a segment of the film that takes place in the Mariana Islands ... Let me put it this way....this part of the film made me want to scream and cry at the same time.  I wanted every congressman and lobbyist -- any and all political figures that enabled the human rights abuses documented ever so briefly in this film to go to jail.  To serve time...to suffer.    People from China, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines were charged 6-7 thousand dollars to go to these islands promised jobs but instead it was indentured servants with no money but money being taken to pay for their passage.  Some were raped, all worked in garment  factorys, the women found themselves working in the sex trade... Democrat George Miller tells us a man says something through an interpreter to him as he cried.  Miller asked why is he crying.   The interpreter told him this man asked if he could sell him both his kidneys to pay his debt and return to China.  Miller is the only member of congress that visited that appears human and has a soul.  Really after watching this Tom Delay should rot in prison not get out and get his 15 min. on Dancing with the Stars.

Tom Delay is accused in this film of opening the flood gates like never before for pay to play and he protected all kinds of corruption and abuses to keep the floodgates of massive money flowing in.

Note:  The sweatshops of Mariana Islands made sure to put "Made in the USA" in all the garments sewed by men and women paid a just over a dollar an hours working as indentured servants almost really slave labor.

Do you understand my response....wanting to scream and cry?  Wanting the harshest punishment punishment for our congressmen and lobbyists.

Tom Delay wasn't alone and either was Jack Abramoff  in dirty corrupt play but Abramoff took it to another level.  The film even implies Abramoff may be indirectly responsible for the murder a Greek business man that owned Casinos on ships that Jack essentially used Congress to help him steal by using a loop hole to make the guy sell.

The corruption is both Republican and Democrats and is is disgusting.

Money paid to Lobbyists has increased by a billion dollars and the Financial sector gives the most.  Wall St. doesn't want a democracy or limits of any kind....they want to dictate....sounds like Mike Bloomberg king of New York....

FYI:  The film notes at the end  January 2010 the Supreme Court eliminated all restrictions on campaign ad spending!  (This is criminal.  I know some of  my pals don't agree with me but I want a cap on spending for anything to do with running for office.)

Jack Abramoff wrote "....bill your clients like demons"  -- the people that stole tax payer hand over fist here in NYC using CityTime to do so took Jack Abramoff's advice....

Yes, when "Casino Jack" starring Kevin Spacey comes out Dec. 17, I may go to the movies to see this film or do I?   Should I  just keep blogging about CityTime, Mike Bloomberg's money manager Steve Rattner and pay to play, how Mike Bloomberg bought a 3rd term proving democracy is for sale and lucky the CityTime debacle did not come out Feb. 2007 when whistle blowers were posting on the CNN iReport and telling Dept. of Investigations but no one cared or noticed and than there is  Christine Quinn sold us the people of NYC out, Espada, Seabrook, Martinez, Arroyo mother and daughter, etc., etc. etc.  how tax payers are paying for defense attorney for some of Christine Quinn's staff that specialize in White Collar crime and even hired Sullivan & Cromwell, the same firm Goldman Sachs uses.

At the end of the documentary on Abramoff there is a close up of senator Charles Schumer implying he has been bought by Wall St. and a close up of Goldman Sachs logo as well...ho hum.

 ... so do I pay 13 dollars + 6 dollars for popcorn or do I rent Casino Jack on itunes...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mike Bloomberg disgraced made the front page of The New York Daily News yesterday

Sunday was a ground breaking day and you will know what I mean if you saw the cover of The New York Daily News....
May 27, 2010 I made a YouTube -- link below demanding we not renew SAIC's contract and stop CityTime!  I demanded instead we have an investigation of CityTime!  Well we are going to get one now.  I had read all of Juan Gonzalez's work and a powerful piece by Ali Winston.   Read below...and go to my YouTube Channel.   http://www.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist

My video response to Mike saying 80 million slipped thru cracks....yeah right....

There are so many postings  of mine --YouTubes and blogging starting with May of last year calling for an investigation and against a renewal of CityTime!

You have to google my name and CityTime SAIC  Joel Bondy and you can search on YouTube and this blog and Mayor Bloomberg King of New York blog.

I am so prolific blogging and working so hard it is hard to keep up with my work but it is there.

Mort Zuckerman is Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner's friend and Rattner has money managed them and ditto the owner of The NY Times so for any of this news to get through is amazing.

Special note: The New York Post has now re-instated me -- I am now allowed to comment.

My first comment back since being banned just a the CityTime 80 million theft story was broke!

12/19/2010 11:50 AM
I was banned from posting comments here on the NYPost when this story broke. Today right now that ban has been lifted. Reminder SAIC and the MTA made a deal against our wishes. I made a YouTube May 2009 that said no to a renewal of CityTime and I called for a full investigation based on talks with union workers, Juan Gonzalez's reporting and a powerful piece by Ali Winston in City Limits "A show of hands" which got in to SAIC, Spherion and Joel Bondy. Thanks to whom ever got me back on the NY post allowed to comment.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/behind_fiasco_zipDk8AzEvHKb9vo7BYuzM#ixzz18ZuN9gCW

Arists Back at Union Square Judge reverses decision The Parks Dept. has to restrain it self from harassing artists and violating their 1st Amendment right

January 7th the case will be back in court yet again.

The judge that was on this case all along rumor has it really respected the artist's 1st Amendment Rights!

Unfortunately this is the land of king Bloomberg a supposedly patron of the arts (not really) -- he just likes to see his name on museums walls.

Look at Mike Bloomberg's treatment of street artists!

You can read my rant below and also take a look at the photo above and below.  The artists are not causing congestion but the holiday vendors space is causing lots of congestion.   Even the Farmers Market does but for some reason Mike Bloomberg and his  minion want the artists and all vendors swept off the street.  Read my rant below...


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Google's YouTube creates a "YouTube Trends" page like Google Trends by Suzannah B. Troy

YouTube will now have YouTube Trends just like it's parent company Google Trends.

YouTube is still evolving trying to find it's niche in a mega-successful way it has yet to do. Google YouTube is wonderful despite some hellish experiences I can tell you about first hand I still wish YouTube success because YouTube has not given me a partnership yet but has partnered with me for some of my YouTubes. I also earn money from my blog so thanks Google AdSense.

Having a YouTube trends page is a very smart move. The page will highlight what YouTubes are hot and noteworthy.

Good work YouTube. Of course you know I have some suggestions for you.....

Suzannah B. Troy

From CNN to MTV focusing on Lady Gaga and Kate Perry - big celebration "Don't ask, don't tell repealed!" by Suzannah B. Troy

Thank goodness!   I am straight although some days it is hard to pass for straight.   I play basketball better than guys, have cats, etc. but I am straight.  Been gay bashed and I hate discrimination of any kind so I am glad "don't ask, don't tell" was repealed...never should have been approved in the first place.

Mike Bloomberg Steve Rattner and SAIC, Suzannah B. Troy has a theory

Here is a theory from Suzannah B.  Troy, artist...let me paint a picture for you!


Imagine this scenario....Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner sitting down to a power with some big wigs from SAIC that used to work at The White House way back when to broker SAIC coming to work under Bloomberg at City Hall on CityTime...why?  Mike wants to be a national and global player and first choice is as President of the United States but if he can't be than he will do his best to influence or impact the next presidential election with his pal Steve Rattner who he staunchly stands by even though Rattner is implicated in pay to play re: NY Pension Funds and Andrew Cuomo is considering perjury charges against Rattner who pleaded the 5th 68 times to the SEC.

(Special thank you for "see no evil hear no evil" to Dan Primack of Fortune -- see link above.)

In Joyce Purnick's awful smoke and mirror book on Mike Bloomberg she points out Steve Rattner urges Mike Bloomberg to run for a third term!  Purnick is part of the Bloomberg gang and thinks that is wonderful but she white washes why Rattner had to step down from his job at The White House...she says the phony p.r. lie to spend more time with his family in NY!  Mike is family.  Both Mike and Steve have White House aspirations so it is not far fetched to thing Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner may have had a few power lunches with some power brokers as SAIC.

We (John Liu unions (see my Bloombergnocitytime channel for speeches , City Councilmember Joe Addabbo, Councilmember Letitia James,  me and others fought Mike tooth and nail not to renew CityTime but Mike wanted a full renewal and that was madness -- truly in your face white collar crime if we had given SAIC a full obscene renewal they asked for!  Now thanks to John Liu SAIC is on a performance agreement as of Sept. 30 which is not enough time to prove their metal and if they don't succeed they have to pay the tax payers back.  My question is will enough come out after a forensic audit to make SAIC and Spherion consultants pay us back big time for massive over runs that feel like white collar crime?  It may take a lot of time and money to audit the CityTime debacle which I dubbed "The Tax Payer's Titanic".
                                                          From John Liu's website:
        John Liu  "has also stopped out-of-control “moneypit” contracts like those associated with the CityTime project — the cost of which has mushroomed from an original $68 million dollar estimate to now more than $738 million dollars."

"The contractor, employee-owned Science Applications International Corp. of San Diego, handles sensitive government contracts, including many in information security. It has a reputation for hiring Washington's most powerful figures when they leave the government, and its payroll has been studded with former secretaries of defense, CIA directors and White House counterterrorism advisers."

Not far fetched at all to wonder if Mike Bloomberg and his best friend Steve Rattner sat down with SAIC way back when to broker this CityTime deal.  Mike was suppose to help the people with the MTA crisis and he did little to help but mystically and magically SAIC won the contract with the MTA despite a massive cry from the people to not hire SAIC!  Why?  Explain to me why the MTA felt so compelled to hire SAIC.  The MTA said because SAIC gave us the lowest bid and we all said but look at SAIC's massive over run and abuse of tax payer dollars so all the more reason to not hire SAIC but the MTA did stating that if SAIC over runs their budget the bill will go to NYC gov meaning us the tax payers.  Who is the king of the tax payers?  Mike Bloomberg.  So it is hard not to believe Mike was and is SAIC's pimp even doing ridiculous p.r. work on behalf of SAIC.

http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-205164  This iReport from an angry worker in NYC gov. for CityTime points fingers at some thieves -- two who have been arrested but there is a 3rd described by his nickname and he is said to work for SAIC so we have one SAIC consultant fingered here as a crook.   If there is a thorough audit by very sharp investigators I believe a lot more money will have been found to be stolen.

Essentially this is White Collar crime NYC gov -- with little Bernie Madoff's helping themselves to other people's money...the tax payers money....isn't interesting the NY Post pointed out way back when that Christine Quinn and her staff hired high priced defense attorney's that specialize in White Collar Crime.  That some of Quinn's staff hired Sullivan & Cromwell which is very expensive and the same firm Goldman Sachs uses but the tax payers pay for the defense bills.  

For how long have I been asking for an Application for our smart phones and a running ticker on all New York papers as well as NYC gov and Albany's website about just how much tax payer money goes to defense attorneys, and a running ticker to the many ways tax payer money is being spent, stolen and abused.   Well, CityTime is a massive blot on Mike Bloomberg's legacy and ditto for Christine Quinn who helped push through two investigation that let Joel Bondy and gang walk and continue on, business as usual.

The slush fund investigations are still on although moving slower than a turtle walking through molasses.

I believe 80 million is a low ball figure because of the massive over run by SAIC and Spherion.   My question is how did this go on for so long...?

You read my theory on Bloomberg and SAIC so you have part of my answer -- in theory but it was all greed, arrogance and stupidity -- just like what brought down Wall St., the mortgage crisis, Elliot Spitzer, etc. etc. etc.   

This is massive corruption and if the investigators do a thorough job more is to be exposed.  I just don't buy Mike Bloomberg's 80 slipping thru the cracks story.  What I find so interesting is his rush to do p.r. for SAIC.   I find that very, very interesting.

Mike Bloomberg very own best friend Steve Rattner (other BF's owner of the NYDN and NYTimes) has been busted for pay to play right here in NY for the pension funds.  I have been told rumors that with all the pay to play the greedy players did a lousy job with the pensions and that will cost the tax payers more $ as well.)

Bottom line  -- my theory...

Mike sounds like SAIC pimp doing damage control and p.r.

I believe massive pay to play stealing and handwashing beyond these 80 million dollar thieves.... way beyond which is how CityTime became the tax payer's Titanic.  There is such a massive over run it is hard to believe a lot more was not stolen and people were getting kick backs to keep this disaster going forward and because they wanted a piece of the big bucks.

Mike Bloomberg has adopted the same approach he uses with his best friend Steve Rattner's pay to play scandal and that is Mike Bloomberg sees no evil hears no evil.

That serves him well if he wants to stay cozy with SAIC which he clearly wants to do and continue to be a high profile mover and shaker.  In fact his goal was to raise his profile and like Rattner he has his eye on The White House.   If not as President as a major player on the global scene hence his rush to p.r. for SAIC as just one example.

Thanks for tuning in.
Suzannah B. Troy

Also note: Bloomberg with the help of his mini-me Christine Quinn pushed through a 3rd term using slush and intimidation so Mike could buy a 3rd term.   Bloomberg's pal John Haggerty who originally agreed to fall on the sword for Mike Bloomberg re: breaking campaign laws has now removed the sword and stated Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws.    If  the CityTime whistle blowers had actually got someone to do their jobs there would have been no third term.  Bloomberg's legacy is more than tarnish.