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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

“Ego and Easy Pickings” Why Narcissistic Self Serving Men Go In To Public Office: Newt Gringrich, Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Carl Kruger, Mike Bloomberg

Newt Gringrich wants to be your president but when it comes to women he should be in prison.

Read this piece by Gail Collins of The New York Times, “The Eye of Newt” and learn why Gringrich should never, ever be President of the United States.  

Newt makes porn stars seem like saintly victims.   Certain groups protest how porn stars are sexually exploited  and mistreated.  Well how about Newt Gringrich treatment of women starting with his wives stricken with cancers who instead of support were dumped by Gringrich for other women he was committing adultery with?

Don’t forget Rudy Giuliani either.   He had nothing to say when Bill Clinton was exposed sexually exploiting an intern that he also lied about in so many ways including trying to portray her as a stalker which is standard operating procedure with cowardly misogynists.   By the way, why do men that hate women want to plow through them or give the illusion there of?  Because they tend to be narcissists. 

It should be noted that Bill Clinton didn’t make the tax payers fund his mistresses but Rudy Giuliani gave his mistress raises and promotions courtesy of New York tax payers and the biggest raise when Giuliani dumped the mistress for a new older mistress Judi Lane. (Leonard Levitt lays it all out in his book NYPD Confidential.)

Why do these guys go in to public service?   Ego and easy pickings?

Carl Kruger voted down gay peoples right to marriage and he was just outed for being gay as well as stealing money and forcing people to bribe him to get anything done.  His gay lover was involved in the corruption along with other pals.   

Closeted gay men politicians tend to vote down anything to do with gays having equal rights.  Kruger is one of many and you can add him to a long list of public servants stealing and lying.

Should we force politicians to take lie detector tests before they run for office? 
   Are you running for office to serve the people?   Yes or no?  
   Are you going to steal money, take kick backs, etc?   Yes.  
   When you say serve the people, do you understand all the people?  Yes or no? 
  Are you getting in to office to just help yourself, your friends and people who give you big    donations?  Yes.

The list of corrupt, lying, thieving, sexually dishonest as in closeted or serial adulterers just gets longer if finally exposed.  I don’t expect girl scouts but how about some honesty and integrity. 

p.s. Don’t forget Mike.   Let’s give Mike Bloomberg the benefit of the doubt about why he got in to office but it was clear he lost his way early on.

When it comes to “Ego and East Pickings” give me or some one another 5-10 years to tell the real story behind Mike Bloomberg and who and why he hired people male and female.  Who got double dipped.  What is surprising to me is Bloomberg went the route of Guiliani and burdened the tax payers.   Oops, I don’t want to imply that he burdened the tax payers with someone he was having an illicit affair with.  Bloomberg burdened the tax payers in shocking ways starting with campaign staff, chefs, pals, etc.   I won’t be writing the story but stay tuned for when the story is finally written on Bloomberg or several stories down the road.   Maybe the tax payers money is his sex?  And this guy is a billionaire who could be using his own money instead of abusing tax payers.

I also want to talk to you all about DOI -- that is Department of Investigation and like the biggest joke in town “The Conflict of Interest Committee” and yes, it really exists, there are rumors that DOI has not done it’s job.    That DOI is selective or worse in the case of CityTime out to lunch as early as 2003 and why was that?

New York is heading towards ancient Rome and in another ten years if we aren’t bankrupt than maybe an earthquake or tsunami will hit and based on DOB (Dept of Buildings) and Bloomberg and socialite Amanda the people’s Burden, the worst city planner giving greedy developers a free corrupt reign, NYC will crumble.  NYC is crumbling and Mike is laying off how many people but look who Mike is keeping on the tax payers dole, look at who is being chauffeured around NYC?  Mike is not Hugh Hefner so I am not implying illicit affairs but that money is Mike’s sex, tax payer’s money and or Mike has lost his way big time.  Look how Mike praises SAIC and CityTime.

On a humorous note: Christine Quinn wants to be our first Lesbian mayor.  Well what if she was single?  I am not running for mayor or any political office but what if a single straight woman ran for mayor and was not in a committed relationship?

Let’s face it.   America is better than a lot of other countries but sexually the US is still a sexually backward sexist country and straight women are at the bottom of the totem pole. 

I don’t want to run for office but I do have a lot of New Yorkers including gay men that would vote for me if I did run and was single.  I want to devote an entire chapter to this in a book I am slowly working about about sex, politics and healing in NYC.

p.s.   I forgot to post this excellent piece by Tom Robbins!!!!!   Read this....he starts with that corrupt thug Pedro Espada