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Monday, January 17, 2011

Christine Quinn blocking Intro 48? Suzannah B. Troy speaks to Picture the Homeless to get the news!

I spoke to Andres Perez from Picture the Homeless just now and he told me that Intro 48 is being blocked by Christine Quinn!

What is Intro 48?  Intro 48 is a city council bill that would empower NYC to conduct an annual count of vacant  buildings and lots.

Why would Christine Quinn block this bill that has been mysteriously stuck in front of Housing and Building committee of City Council since February 2010.   There are believed to be 11,500 empty lots here in NYC.

Having a count of the buildings would be a first step to looking in to providing housing for homeless and non-homeless people.

Why would Christine Quinn block a count on vacant buildings?

For another Christine Quinn horror story re: Picture the homeless  -- Quinn actually tried to ban this homeless group attending city council meetings.

note:  I was with a group protesting Christine Quinn and an NYPD officer on the job 20 years looked at me when I suggested calling Norman Siegel because he had wrongly made us move when we were on a private sidewalk and were not blocking pedestrian traffic.  He looked at me and told me  -- he has the power,  he could put me in handcuff for attitude.  Again he was wrong.   I spoke to his Lt. who confirmed the officer was wrong on both counts and he apologized for the officer's behavior.

Here we are protesting Christine Quinn http://www.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist#p/u/3/jwFs4g0LjtE
Reminder: Christine Quinn is aggressively fund raising to be our next mayor and so is Scott Stringer.  Neither should ever be mayor of NYC.