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Monday, December 16, 2013

CityTime Curse SAIC Drones and Clones

Its not just drones we need to be afraid of!...SAIC produces clones....the street swears they all look alike :-)! Them SAIC people we mean.  

Deborah Lee James takes on the White house and sails through the the senate this past week as the second woman secretary of the Air Force. Okay one point for the girls.  We Got  wind of this via defense news  dot com. 

"Although Ms. James was not a controversial nominee — winning approval on a 79-6 vote Friday — her confirmation has been held up for months."

Meanwhile back at the keyboard..the street and Juan Gonzalez  are sitting downwind on this one...and it smells like the bilge has just been emptied. 

According to this blogon August 5th we called him like we see them like that very day Deborah James was nominated.......http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/search?q=deborah+james+obama

And we are not alone on this thought... prize winner Juan Gonzalez has questions too....and he is stymied why this went under the nose of President Obama

Could it have have been squeaky clean until CityTime  Deb Alderson....? She landed soft after CityTime...no executives where indicted in what is known as the most aggregious fraud in the history of NYC government.  No City Officials were prosecuted. 

Alderson led SAIC’s Defense Solutions group. She stepped down from her position after a scandal involving one of her employees who was indicted in a bribery and kickback scandal tied to the CityTime contract in New York City. Alderson was never accused of any wrongdoing.

The saga continues. Just as quickly  White house bound Deb #1 was replaced..and that spawn was the product of Project Gemini....SAICs master plan to split the Company in two, the plan that divided   the one business into two business lines so any normal person can be forever confused or better forgetful. Leidos  and the new business still called SAIC  but actually a new company which snags along all the gov con work with the help of our fictitious villian Dr. Redacto. Dr Redacto uses his sharpie to black out the fine print.  Time out...we do not make this stuff up...just listen to the what Washington Technology has to say about the new appointment. 
"Wagoner most notably managed the project management office for SAIC’s Project Gemini, which is what the former SAIC called the effort to divide into two companies, SAIC and Leidos."

 "He also managed SAIC’s state, local and commercial IT business." 

Does  Doug Wagoner looks like Denault?...will the CityTime curse continue? or is only the street thinking that Wagoner resume seems similar. Gerard Denault SAIC program manager for City Time  was found guilty on 7 or 8 counts of dishonest services and fraud, but not bribery...the story is not over for SAIC and all its children?