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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another Carriage Horse Collapsed

Periodic updates about issues and actions concerning New York City's Carriage Horses +
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Temporary water provided. Situation needs to be monitored
water troughLast week, I asked you to write to the Central Park Conservancy about the lack of water in the 5th avenue trough. Because of the way the plumbing is configured, the water is turned off in the winter since it would freeze. As a result, the trough is bone dry and often filled with garbage. This is a link to thenewsletter from last week. Thanks so much to all of you who wrote letters. It made a difference. This is an excerpt from their response:
  • "As the Conservancy looks ahead to capital work in Grand Army Plaza later this year, however, we are exploring the option of separating the Fifth Avenue water trough's plumbing from the larger irrigation system so that it may operate independently."
  • In addition, representatives of the Horse Carriage Association have agreed to fill the Fifth Avenue trough up manually this winter.
  • As a result of your email, we met with Horse Carriage Association representatives very recently; we expect water to be available in that trough in the next day or so. Please keep us updated if you ever pass the trough and observe that it does not have water in it.

we need your help!
This situation needs continual monitoring. We need to follow up with the CPC to make sure they do the necessary plumbing. And we need to follow up on the temporary water. PLEASE if you live or work near 5th Avenue and 59th St. and can monitor this situation, let us know atcoalition@banhdc.org.

Friday, January 4th at approximately 4:30 pm
A sorrel colored horse pulling carriage # 1075 collapsed on Friday, January 4th as he was making a right turn from the road coming out of the park near 5th Avenue onto 59th St. The driver had just come out of the park and dropped off his passengers. Eye witnesses said the horse looked exhausted. He simply collapsed. He was unhooked from the carriage and walked back to the stable.
horse tied up 2The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages is gearing up to advertise as much as possible this year to promote the Avella/Rosenthal bill in the NYS legislature. This is the only bill worth supporting because it is a pure ban and it is not dependent on the success of an untried industry. We are an all volunteer organization, which means that 100% of your donations go into the campaign. For more information about us - please check out our accomplishments indicated below.Please help us by donating what you can. You may donate by check or credit card. Click here. The orange "make a donation" button will allow you to donate by using Paypal. Other wise, you may donate by check.
When we began this campaign in 2006, we knew it would take a long time. It has been seven years and we still have patience. In that time we have brought this issue to the public through every means possible. Many people are aware of it now and support a ban. It had not been an issue since 1995 because people simply did not know what to do since the industry is so politically connected. But campaigns take a long time. The abolition of human slavery and women's suffrage took many years to achieve and people did not give up. We hope to get a good mayor this November - one who is smart, courageous and compassionate. In the meantime, we soldier on and continue to support the Avella/Rosenthal bill in the state legislature to ban horse drawn carriages.For those who do not know the background, click here for highlights and our accomplishments.
bully5As many of you know, the reason why we have not been successful in achieving a ban of horse-drawn carriages in NYC is because of Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Christine Quinn - both of whom support the NYC carriage trade, continuing to look the other way when there are accidents.But we also have to put up with the carriage horse people themselves and their supporters. They are far fewer than any who support this cause - but they are out there stalking our Facebook pages, our articles and our blogs. They lie about our intentions and make up stories about us. They try to marginalize us by posting articles about animal rights activists having mental illness. They try to figure us out by claiming that either the women are lonely and need a man or are whores; that the men are all "faggots." In order to get in more criticism, they comment on our looks, ethnic background and age - saying to one activist who had been sick - "you look like you need a transfusion - why aren't you dead yet." or writing on their Facebook pages that they wished the Connecticut shooter had come to the hack line and shot us instead. They try to make others believe that we are out to rid the world of carriage horses and that we are opposed to the animal/human bond. And my favorite is that it is a class war - we are the wealthy land owners against them - the poor working class. This is absolutely not true. But they will do anything rather than to take responsibility for an abusive business. All of this we take in stride and consider the source.This morning I woke to a crazy e-mail, which I will not answer but will share it here. I reported it to Google. It is from a "Jason Freelen" whom I do not know. It is worth reading to see the level of hatred and insanity coming from this group. People like you are the reason criminals have rights and everyone else dont, if i had my way with it. Tree hugging hippie freaks like you should all be lined up and shot! Your just a bunch of idiots whos parents didnt beat you enough! I'd be willing to gladly let people like you be harnessed to a wagon in place of the horse. Fuck your causes and your stupid coalition! Horses are the reason the americas were settled! Anything u say to try aggrivate me wont work, ive killed for less than what you could say to try to piss me off! Further more i hooe each and every one of you get hit by a car, bus, taxi, or even a horse drwan carriage! Stupid tree huggin hippy fags!


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