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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

West Village Rages June 25 CB 2 Meeting with Rudin & Turner Construction

St. Vincent's Hospital Rudin Luxury Condos:

Dear "Press On Regardless" friends:

I suffered a severe attack of acid reflux, nausea, muscle pain and chest tightness after just 1 1/2 hours of the meeting, so I left at 8:05.

It occurred to me that the anger frustration, sense of betrayal, pleas for Rudin/Turner to "do the right thing", set up a compensation fund for victims of illnesses caused by their construction, provide air filters and air conditioners for the schools, that this anger and rage at Rudin/Turner were misplaced.

The real cause of our anger is our elected officials and the people they appointed.  The Rudins won in avenues of law.  They can do whatever  they propose to do. The community can plead all it wants, but Rudin/Turner has been granted the right to do what they are doing by the legal process of the City and State of New York.  

The REAL villains are our elected officials, none of whom showed up last night.  Rudin/Turner is just doing what our electeds gave them the permission to do.  
Governor Cuomo
Mayor Bloomberg
Christine Quinn
City Planning Commission Amanda Burden
The head of the New York State Hospital Authority
and more ugly hideous greedy egocentric narcissistic people whose names mercifully escape me this morning..

THESE are the people who trampled on our lives and our rights and by whom we are victimized and whose decisions over our life are make with no repercussion to them and leave us with no higher recourse.

They won
We lost.
They are looking at us and saying "There is nothing you can do about it.  We don't CARE if you or your kids get asthma, we don't CARE if people die because of the lack of a hospital for the West Side. We are making money off your lives and there is nothing you can do about it."  PS:  VOTE FOR US IN THE UPCOMING NEW YORK CITY ELECTION!!!!!

Liz Ryan
West Village Activist

Thanks Liz and do not forget the media who Rudin and his public relations man Howard Rubenstein have a very very special relationship with so they kill all the news stories on community concerns and also deaths because St. Vincent's is closed.

Here is Rubenstein's client list http://www.rubenstein.com/client_list.html

ps Cy Vance how is that prosecution of St. Vincent's crooks going?
hardee har
Afraid of bringing unwanted attention to the Rudin acquisition?

Suzannah B. Troy