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Friday, July 20, 2012

Christine Quinn Book The Dirt Donate KickStarters Pub Date Same as Her Book Release!

Make a Donation:  I did! Thank you,  Suzannah B. TroyHi,

This week, I launched my Kickstarter book project.  I am raising money to self-publish my book about the corruption that has taken place in New York City under the Christine Quinn administration. 


My book is entitled, “Roots of Betrayal :  The Ethics of Christine Quinn,” and I will take a ''behind the scenes'' look at New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's politics and ethics.  I aim to show you how a politician, who claims to be transparent and ethical, has demonstrated herself to be just the opposite. 

But I need your help to publish this book.  My goal is to raise $6,000, and I am trying to do it by inviting my activist friends to pledge $55.  But it is up to you how much you want to pledge.  You are free to pledge as low at $1, or you can pledge more.  If you go to the Kickstarter pledge, you will see the rewards that I am offering in exchange for your support.  Further below, I provide an itemization of how the money will be spent.

Next year, Speaker Quinn is expected to publish her memoirs as a slick public relations stunt during the race for mayor of New York City in 2013.  Her critics allege that the press does not hold Speaker Quinn accountable for her record of undermining democracy.  In 2008 and 2009, Speaker Quinn worked hand-in-hand with Mayor Michael Bloomberg to purposely deny voters a referendum when they overturned term limits.  Just the way that term limits were overturned -- a series of back room meetings (and some say, deals), all away from public participation and scrutiny -- still draws much heated discussion in New York.  For years now, Speaker Quinn has been using discretionary funds to thwart the full participation of other City Councilmembers in the city's legislative agenda.  Speaker Quinn has even gone along with Mayor Bloomberg's budget cuts to the office of the Public Advocate, at each turn choosing to go along with what is not right in order to get along with Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Speaker Quinn is undermining any oversight and accountability in public office.  The story of the relentless hospital closings will also be featured in my book.  

This Kickstarter project will help me to raise money in order to self-publish this book -- in order to to tell the whole story. This is how the money will be used : 

 - I need to pay $2,300 so that my manuscript can be transformed into a book by a self-publishing company. 
 - I am also raising the modest amount of $3,100 to pay for marketing materials and to promote my book on the Internet. 
 - Kickstarter will keep $300 for hosting my fundraising campaign.
 - Amazon will keep $300 for processing all of the secure payments made to support this Kickstarter project.

Please pledge what you can, and then help me to spread the word about my book by forwarding this e-mail to your network of friends and activists and by posting a link to this KickStarter project on your Facebook page.  


The way that Kickstarter works is that the only way that my project will be funded is if I can raise at least a minimum of my fundraising goal.  The amounts that are pledge are not processed on your credit card until my project is fully-funded.  So, I would be very grateful if you could make an effort to help me spread the word about this project.  

I attach a flyer that I will be passing out this week-end.   Thank you for everything you do.

Louis Flores