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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Did Jen Chung Editor Gothamist Kill Vendor Prince St. Protest Story?

Jake Dobkin
Gothamist LLC
Prince Street Station
P.O. Box 510
NY NY 10012

If true why would Jen Chung kill a story on about Veteran Vendors and Artist protest illegal planters dropped by Henry Buhl Ace Founder to help homeless?  Buhl is the Bernie Madoff of Prince St. sidewalks and made-off with Veteran Vendors and Artist's livelihoods --- Buhl's goal to make them homeless!

A few rich white folks don't want their sidewalks cluttered and don't care unemployment is 10 percent in NY higher than the entire country and that Veterans are homeless at least 1 out of 7 Veterans -- they want to increase the number of unemployed and homeless New Yorkers so their sidewalks in trendy touristy Soho resemble Beverly Hills!  

A young man filmed our protest and I asked him where he was from.  He said The Gothamist.  

Well Jake Dobkin:  Besides your dad being in possession of my Mayor Bloomberg King of New York poster which he really liked I want you to know that Jen and I had words a bunch of years ago when Jeremiah of Vanishing NY who used to walk up to the subjects of my blog posts and tell them he was my friend stole my work on a Veteran Vendor Karen a tranny who used to set up in front of Love Saves the Day.

When I confronted every news agency that picked up his link with my work only Jen responded contact him not me...not her exact words.

I responded something to the effect of Jen if your pocket book gets stolen I hope the police tell you go tell the thief not me!

Would Jen stoop that low to not report this important news story I believe is economic racism?

Hey Jake would Jen stoop so low.  Your dad struck me as someone who really really cares about People being oppressed.  Pretty shocking the Gothamist will kill a story about People being evicted by illegal planters and Jake they are mostly People of Color except my friend Eric who is 81 and poverty level.

Thanks a lot Jake!

If you did kill the story could your dad return my poster?  No that would be silly, how could I hold your dad accountable for his son and co-editor killing a story about long term Veteran Vendors like Eric 81 on the verge of homelessness, fighting prostrate cancer and so handicapped he walks like Frankenstein being evicted.

Google Greg Mocker WPIX illegal planters.

Funny because the story is right up The Gothamist's alley -- odd Jen isn't it?

The illegal Prince Street planters dropped by Henry Buhl of Ace Foundation who claims they help homeless is bent on making even more Veteran Vendors homeless.