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Sunday, August 21, 2011

NYDN Editorial Christine Quinn Slush & Lulus 6 City Council Members pocketing lulus still

Read the article to see the names of 6 city council members with no shame as the pocket lulus.
Wow look at the comments!

6:33:02 AM
Aug 21, 2011
not bad for a part time - they need to be put on a time clock and aid minimum wage since they all have other full time paying jobs

7:02:51 AM
Aug 21, 2011
Their should be no lulus at all. These morons don't even deserve a tenth of their salary!

8:11:12 AM
Aug 21, 2011
And how are we sure they are donating it to charity? And to what charity are they donating it? They should refuse it altogether. Or how about putting the money towards helping legalized hard working tax paying Americans? These clowns don't deserve their salary as it is, just like Congress. Most of them belong in prison for all of the laws they've broken.
8:12:45 AM
Aug 21, 2011
What about Bloomberg bribing several city council members a total of $3.1 million to overturn term limits? Those bribed from the mayors once secret slush fund are Simcha Felder, James Vacca, Domenic Recchia, Helen Sears, Erik Dilan and Peter Vallone Jr. Then he endorsed Felder in his run for State Senate.

old teach
8:24:55 AM
Aug 21, 2011
Why not have your reporters start to report the millions that city officials have lavished on groups that will support their political aims? Bloomberg and Quinn using the power of the purse were able to orchestrate the over turning of term limits. Both his money and her war chest saw to it that the votes were bought and paid for before the count. Bloomberg via his philanthropy has positioned himself and his business to continue to wield unheard of power after the third term expires. Quinn and her confederates(Recchia,Felder,and more) have allowed developers and consultants to eat with both hands at the tax payers expense and at the cost on municipal worker jobs. Why not expose this?
10:38:06 AM
Aug 21, 2011
Her Majesty the Quinn handing out lulus? But isn't there also another $50,000,000 or $60,000,000 that Her Majesty doles out that go to council members cronies, families and bogus community centers, etc? How is all this possible in the face of the this cursed recession imposed upon us? This stupid city council must cost around $250,000,000 or more annually and they produce nothing, zilch! We don't have enough uniformed employees or even parks department personnel but we maintain this government monstrosity as if all is well with the world. Disgraceful! Shameful! Criminal!
11:39:09 AM
Aug 21, 2011
Any update on the slush fund investigations? I know Seabrook’s trial is coming up but it is true both Bloomberg and Christine Quinn, Mike’s mini-me used slush and intimidation to push through a third term selling the lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy. All of Mike’s slush puppies either got a third term or a cush job benefiting off of NYC gov in all kinds of ways -- look up Melinda Katz as a NY lobbyist or David Yassky, Simcha Felder....no one wants to leave NYC gov where you can get away with everything but murder.