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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Strike Debt Launches Healthcare Emergency: It's a Matter of "Life or Debt" campaign. Assistance Needed!

Strike Debt Launches Healthcare Emergency: It's a Matter of "Life or Debt" campaign. Assistance Needed!
Hello allies! 

As you know, Strike Debt!(offshoot of Occupy Wall Street) has been purchasing individual's debt on the secondary market for pennies on the dollar - and then erasing that debt. Now we are targeting the medical-industrial complex. Again, the plan is to announce our large purchase (and abolishment) of medical debt, kick off a series of direct actions, provide free medical care, and rally a march to highlight community hospital closings around Manhattan. Components of this initiative are going to manifest themselves around the country - not just in NY. 

To make this whole plan work we are going to need your help!  Share this information through your networks.


The official posting of this event (with a lot more detail) is available athttp://strikedebt.org/lifeordebt/

Posting this link on Facebook, Twitter and other means would be supremely helpful.


Two events have been created on our Facebook page. One for the direct action on March 21st and another for the Free Health Clinic on March 23rd.

Inviting your friends on Facebook would be of great assistance.

 March 21st direct action Event 

 March 23rd Free Health Clinic in NY

You can also invite all of your friends to the event in one click by doing the following:



getElementsByName("checkableitems[]");for (i=0;i

  Open Firefox
  Load the event
  Scroll down to the bottom of your list of friends
  Open the Scratchpad (Shift+F4 on PC, Probably Command+F4 on Mac)
  Enter in the javascript code above
   Run the code (Crtl+R on PC / Command+F4 on Mac  or you can Click on 'Execute', then click on 'Run')
  Exit the Scratchpad (you don't have to save your changes)

  All of your friends should now have a Checkmark!

  Video Tutorial (done on a Mac):


We are in the process of creating very exciting and humorous memes to promote the event. These should be completed bySunday the 10th and will be sent to you.

Posting these on Facebook, Twitter and other networks to create a buzz around the event would be very helpful.


We are in the process of creating a lot of tweets to promote the event. These should be completed byMonday the 11th and will be sent to you. 

Posting these on Facebook, retweeting them on Twitter and passing them around other networks to generate awareness about the event would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much for your assistance and for everything you are doing in the struggle!


Peace and Victory. Strength through Earnest Friendships.